A Poem


It’s a poem if the words can live without you.

If the allegory can make blinding light shine from tombs
awaken memories
breathe them back to – reality.

It’s a poem if,
there are possibilities for similies linking people
from fallen walls to picket signs
drawing scents of lemons
shake hands of farm girls to vegetarians
likening poetry to biblical days
with your comrades
logging different chapters
forcing the community for just one night
to look
directly into the sun
That’s a poem.

from the poetry book, Pocket Honey, Wind & Hips

19 thoughts on “A Poem”

  1. Words are, for the most part, the highest form of communication but for a person to make those words into art, where the poet knows the “words can live without you” and still be able to express that fathomless depth to someone else is shear God given talent. Well, said.

  2. ” for just one night to look directly into the sun” yes, irony, contradiction, impact. The poem says more than the actual words if it is read carefully and lingered over.

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