Back to my roots, Theatre

I am still floating on a cloud where dreams come true…

My art interest started in theatre, as an actress, back in elementary school.  That interest eventually led to writing, in several genres, and performance in poetry or oral tradition of interpretation.  I wrote, produced and directed a one act play in Los Angeles a few years back and I did the same for a one woman show in which I portrayed, Afeni Shakur, the ex-black panther and mother to the late Tupac Shakur.  Anyone can be a playwright by simply writing a play.  My goal had always been to be contacted by a theatre company and sent a contract to collect for Royalty Fee’s.  That finally happened to me in August 2015 and it has been a surreal journey up until the other night when I was handed the tickets and program to the production of my play, Hope’s Return.


A few years back, I read an article on LaVena Johnson.  An African American soldier who had just graduated from high school in Missouri and enlisted into the army. After only serving eight weeks in Balad, Iraq, Johnson became the first woman to die in Afghanistan or Iraq from the state of Missouri.  Her family was notified that her death was ruled a suicide from a gun shot wound to the right side of her head with a M-16 rifle. Upon her family viewing the body, the gunshot was on the left side of her head along with a black eye, broken nose, several missing teeth, scratches and teeth marks on her upper body, her back and right hand burned, her vaginal area bruised and lacerated and lye had been poured into her vagina.  The Army ruled her death a suicide in 2005.

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My Year in Writing

2015 has been beyond amazing for me!  After relocating to Atlanta a few years back to help with family, I worked as a performance poet doing feature sets locally and in the surrounding states.  However, the pay was no where near close to what I was familiar with living and performing in northern and southern California and the opportunities were not as versatile in regards to branching in education and art funding programs.  Grudgingly, I returned to the corporate world and had to let all the stories and voices pile in my head.

After one too many phone calls from my colleagues in California asking why they hadn’t heard from me or seen me on the speaking/performing circuit, I told them I was back in the 9-5 world.  But I assured them that the stories had not left me and I would return to writing/performing soon enough.  My prayers became my art and I journaled constantly.  Then in the spring of 2014, I set some dates and goals:

  1. I set the date I would resign from my job.
  2. I decided to write a play and set a deadline, Hope’s Return
  3. I decided to write a novel and set a deadline, The Town Dance 
  4. I decided to compile the poetry and prose I had been writing and publish another poetry book, yardwork

I had never been so artistically hungry in my life!  I pulled out all of my old contacts and began to network and let them know I had some “new stuff” coming soon.  I was fortunate enough to book speaking/performing engagements even before the work was published.  Very fortunate and grateful.  I also decided that I would not return to the poetry scene as active as I had before.  I realized two things, 1) I despise the art form of slam poetry, (I ALWAYS have had a problem with the underlying politics of it) and 2) my poetry does not go well with liquor.  In Atlanta, like most cities, slam poetry has become the norm and venues that might offer pay for performances are in clubs or venues that serve liquor.  I needed a new plan, I had to do something different this go around.

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flavor for your ears


When I seriously began to consider taking my art full-time, I collaborated with some amazing artists and created a poetry cd, “moody”.  Some poems are to music and others are acapella.  This project was complete right before I moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta and I toured with it and my poetry book, “Pocket H

oney, Wind & Hips” for almost two years.

I came across a few copies the other day and decided to share with you.  So, take a listen!  You may find some words/poetic story that you enjoy.

Listen to some tracks on Soundcloud

Here is “moody” on iTunes

or, be a wonderful person and support indie artist and get your autographed copy directly from me

almost didn’t


This almost didn’t happen.

We almost didn’t happen

the reception
the baby shower

we / almost made company with pocket lent

recorded sound horns

almost gave you my money
to buy his lies

We almost believed her shadows
almost believed cornered salt
is all we have to spice with

This almost didn’t happen.

here she is…


My play, Hope’s Return, comes to life this week. A dream come true, sincerely   😆

Saturday is “Meet The Playwright” and it can’t get here soon enough! I am officially a professional playwright. Dreams don’t expire!

I am a lover of perseverance. I am folklore. I am consistency and contradiction.


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