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Here’s more advice from Grace on customers with declined cards this holiday weekend of shopping.  And don’t forget to download the comedic ebook, “Grace in Retail” for FREE this weekend ONLY.

Here’s one more thing to get this Black Friday shopping weekend!

Enjoying all the black friday shopping deals?  Well don’t forget about this one… download “Grace in Retail” for FREE this weekend only!  Now here is Grace with some interviewing advice…

be inspired

I believe part of the artists job is to encourage the world to dream, cry, laugh, scream, dance, fear, sing, and more.  And like most, I believe that art is to be interpreted by the individual receiving it with that interpretation is translated through their personal experiences.  For me to challenge my writings and performance to next, it was imperative that I study art.  I read all genre of books, and sat in audience for films, theatre, dance and visual art.

I stood as critic for the various art forms and looked out for


I am a lover of perseverance. I am folklore. I am consistency and contradiction.

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