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I hear stories. Feel the emotions. And if I’m lucky enough, or chosen. I’m selected to be the writer from the ethos to tell the story.

Sometimes they come as poems, prose, short stories, plays or novels.

I received an email yesterday that the play I had been working on late last year and early this year, will finally get its day on the stage next month.

“Hope’s Return” will make her debut at a major theatre festival. BEYOND THRILLED!


so keep writing. submit with confidence. and then let it go…

muse me

The escape is like a deep Cabernet.  Heavy with notes of black currants and musk.  Music links the time between my muse and me.

She, my muse, is a dancer.  She is everything her mother wanted her to be.  She makes her father curse the decades and seconds he wasn’t there.  Her name is Niambi, melodic, and her flow sullens a crowd and slows breath.  People call her powerful and fiery.  She is ancient and re-members her place.

Me?  I’m a lover of laughter.  Fan to fine wine and hours of smileshine.  I’m shy.  I don’t make friends easily but the ones I have I protect like winter gloves.  I keep them in spots of my heart and wear them gently with problems and triumphants.  I am a once poor collector so I tuck away one of everything.  My walls now talk to my closets.

Together, Niambi and Nikki write.  We write of the man who got away, Cajun spiced crawfish, the child that never chose me, the moon, the comfortable solo movie dates, the what if’s and aint’s… we also wrote a book.


My debut novel will be released 7/14/15.  I am beyond excited! I will share more soon.

I am a lover of perseverance. I am folklore. I am consistency and contradiction.


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