Believe it or not, it is almost that time again!  Time to honor the feminine narrative with “She Chronicles” during National Poetry Month.  This past year was such a huge success!  We received submissions from all over the world with writings on almost every topic and we only expect the same turn out for April 2017.



We will only host 20-25 guest blog writers and with the inquiries we received throughout the year, we expect a huge response for submissions.  So, let’s get started with a few expectations:

  1. Submit a poem or blog about or for informational purposes towards women. It can be on family, women’s health, women in the arts, a woman from history, etc. All submissions must be in word or docx format only.  There can be multiple submissions from writers.
  2. The blog needs to be a minimum of 200 words but no more than 500 words. (A word count over 500 will not be considered)
  3. Include your bio, photo (jpeg only) and link to your blog/website (or other form of contact) so writers and new readers will know how to contact you. Submit to
  4. Submission deadline is April 7, 2017

You will be notified upon receipt of your submission and information thereafter if you will be published with She Chronicles in April 2017.



She Chronicles celebrates the feminine narrative through showcasing Her unique vernacular in literary contributions.  “Women writing about other women responsibly.”





I am a lover of perseverance. I am folklore. I am consistency and contradiction.

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