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sweeter to be you



20:30 A.D.


Ain’t nobody talking about it
the strong black woman is tired by Tuesday.
and on Thursday,
She buries another virtue so Friday morning can be a
little lighter

let’s admit,

She goes for unavailable men
cause of Her father’s absence.
And today
it’s your problem
cause your daughter plays with Her daughter

I need you,
To care for her.

-nikki skies

from the book “Pocket Honey Wind & Hips”

Winter Reading Request ‘-)


This is that novel I wrote in 2015. While I am elated to be sharing my latest novel later this year… if you don’t have this in your library, click on the link and get your copy:

The Town Dance

Arriving at 1.5

One of the things I was absolutely afraid of when going back into school was my mind being utilized for the left side of critical reading and thinking and no time for creativity. Well, I was correct! I didn’t know I had the capacity to read so many non-fiction books! I will admit, it took me a few papers graded with B’s and C’s before I got the hang of writing research papers. What came easy for me was the discipline of writing. SCORE!

While I went back to teaching this week, I have one more week before I go back to performing double duty of teaching during the week and then being a student at night. Then I go back into the dungeon of the left side of my beautiful brain. With that, I have committed to creatively writing once a week. I committed to writing a reflective post and a poem. Then I had the pressure of… ‘what will I write?’ So this year for my resolutions I decided to mediate, contemplate, consider one of the same three things every week:

  • How will my creative work serve as “insertions” on holistic standpoints in black women’s narrative? These narratives include novels, short stories, essays, plays and poetry. These insertions include performance work, educational presentations, literature and literary critics.
  • How have I allowed the term, mobility, to serve or anchor my life? What will I now do differently?
  • How have I allowed breast cancer to keep occupancy in my life? What will I now do differently?

These weekly meditations, contemplating and writings will serve as me defining them, confronting them and developing resolve. After I wrote out resolutions and goals for 2019, I realized these were the three revolving themes. I am thinking this can serve as part of my “self- care” and I commit to this for at least 45 minutes a week.

Well, that is the plan! I did not factor in a pre-teen and two teenagers with their very full lives! We shall see.

21:30 A.D.


I forgave my ancestors for not defending the shoreline
and I occupy their transgressions consciously
through poetry
and I know the tears of disclosure from the Creator
so I sit beside you all night and won’t speak
in fear you’ll find me out
or laugh at the songs that escape my vagina and armpits
but I do love you.