Current Projects/Booking Info


Fall 2022/Spring 2023

Nikki Skies is currently accepting bookings for the following:

  • Performance Poetry (Spoken Word) Feature Sets

30-45 minute feature set performances; block booking is available for colleges/universities

  • Speaking Topics

1) Saving Mother Dear (the absence of feminine art in curriculum and community)

2) Women in Hip Hop and Poetry; the Rise and Demise

3) One Day, White Woman (beauty standards and race relations between Caucasian and African American women)

4) For Maya…(a performance lecture on the works of Dr. Maya Angelou)

5) “Writing for Perseverance” – a Literary Activism Writing Workshop

6) From 0 to 5 in 32 Hours; Mental Health and Inter-generational Families (Skies delivers an intimate discussion on her journey of gaining custody of her 5 nieces and nephews)

  • Book Reading/Talk Back and Signing for The Town Dance (a novel)

“Do We Know Your Name?” is the question that Nikki Skies asks her audience during the reading/talk back of The Town Dance. Skies discusses her journey with writing the novel including confronting her personal homophobia, how she addressed her informed thoughts on rape and having to re-define the term. She also discusses the alarming research results for same gender assault and the divisive effects of homophobia in the African American community in relation to the recent revolts in cities across the country.

  • Theatre

Hope’s Return, full length play

A valiant and self-assured female soldier returns to her southern roots to pursue dreams of becoming a teacher while her religious family wants her back in church and traumatic flashback experiences from the war want her back in Iraq.


Son Unknown, 10 minute play

An ambitious young boy eager to start his new paper route ends up becoming the unfortunate, and untold, subject in history for the day’s events on September 15, 1963 in Birmingham, AL. (Based on factual documentation gathered from archives.)


For booking information, please send inquiry to


11 thoughts on “Current Projects/Booking Info”

  1. Hi I but your name down for the best Moment Award
    wish you a wonderful day , for more info just go on my blog
    lots of love

  2. Hey Nikki, poetry queen! I knew that you liked poetry so much when we were in school together. Keep up the good works and God will continue to bless you. I always remember how you always liked to laugh. We used to hang around Gabriel Coleman a lot. He was also someone who made me laugh so much. I will be praying for you and much continued successes.

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