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Write from all four corners. From the rise of all the seasons. The beauty and the ugly. With this, you’ll write everyday!


a Reason Enough


This is a reason enough to read! What are you reading? The best writers read and the best readers write…. at least that’s what I’ve been told 🙂

Need that extra push? Women writers, this is for you!

Writing is such a lone sport.  We sit hours upon hours crafting story arcs and developing characters.  If you are an established woman writer living in Atlanta and are currently working on a project, this is for you!  We all need that extra push and encouragement and this writing group, “On The Shoulders of Greats” will do just that.  For more information click here.

on the Menu

send rain,
the dry kind

I need some time to catch up on sunlight
polish my nails
get a kiss on my back

I need / out of my head and into you.
fruit salads and warm brandy
tingly and confused

I.Do.Need your palate for my company.

I’ve been away creating roads / too long.