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some days i feel like, sonia sanchez

sonia sanchez

moon face full of stars.
little woman / soft voice with cursive connotations.
serendipity back
and universe hugging
woman of literature.

my love for her is beyond words.
adoring / fond / attached like a new lover.

even though she is associated with the black arts movement, she is one of those artists who have walked through hip hop with us. her words have survived the linguistic flips and inspire/challenge writers today. she joined blues music with her poetic styles of tanka and haiku. she is the key of b sharp.

she is award winning and legendary and highly sought after for lecturing on women’s rights and literary topics.

I am writing this as if everyone knows where she was born and who she was married to and how many books she has, etc. if you don’t know… look her up and land in love with poetry and prose. over. and over. again.

sonia sanchez, one of the reasons I have realized/actualized I must write.

Break Bread with me

For the month of March, I will have guest writers on my blog sharing the “who’s and why’s” of their favorite women.  It’s important that I emphasize these points:

1) NO you do not have to be a woman.

2) NO you do not have to operate a blog.

3) NO, they do not have to be only African American women (because I am African American, someone did inquire about that)


In return, I would LOVE to write a segment for your blog if not for Women’s History Month in March but for National Poetry Month in April!  So, what do you say?  You wanna’ break bread with me and feed the world some woman wisdom?

PLEASE SEND INTEREST TO nikkiskies@yahoo.com

some days i feel like, nina simone

nina simone

some days I feel like a fusion. a blend of church revival, street corner and classical energy. I feel bordered and limited and have the ability to make prejudice transparent. I feel like I am everything “separately and simultaneously”. nina simone.

a unique voice with a brazen beautiful bold look. she is known as the high priestess of soul due to her stage presence and use of silence as a musical instrument. when she used the silence she called it, “mass hypnosis.” leaving the audience mesmerized!

simone was born in the south and was very active in the civil rights movement. she sang and spoke at several civil rights meetings and marches but unlike Dr. King, Simone advocated violent revolution tactics when needed. simone was an artist who was granted creative control over her music in simple exchange for her voice. the music/lyrics she recorded has transcended into past and current soul music and even the hip hop generation.

this classically trained pianist lived her later years abroad after learning there was a warrant out for her arrest for unpaid taxes. she continued her music career in Africa, Barbados and ultimately in France where she succumbed to breast cancer in 2003.

another example of timeless art. nina simone.

some days i feel like, Rosa Parks (by Kayla)


Rosa Parks was born Feb/4/1913.her place of birth is Tuskegee, AL.
Parks was a civil rights activist. Rosa maiden name is Rosa Louise
McCauley.and we all know that she refused to give up her seat for a
white person.Her full name is Rosa Louise McCauley Parks. Rosa died

Written by Kayla

some days i feel like oprah winfrey (by erika)


My article is about Oprah Winfrey. Oprah’s original name was Orpah Winfrey but her family had a hard time pronouncing the r before the p so, they just called her Oprah and stuck with it. Oprah Gail Winfrey was born on the 29 of January in 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Oprah wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but that didn’t stop her from accomplishing her dreams. Oprah was voted most popular in her senior year, and won Miss Black Tennessee beauty pageant in 1971.

Oprah has her own network called OWN and a studio called Harpo studio which is still here today. Harpo is just Oprah’s name spelled backwards, and OWN means Oprah’s own network, plus Orpah has a magazine called O magazine, which is her nickname. Her best friend is Gayle King and Ms. King helps her with mostly everything. Oprah is a billionaire and loving it! And with all that money she helps people. She is still living today, happily.

Written By: Erika

some days i feel like water, like erika

all month I have been writing prose to acknowledge women that have directly influenced my life and perception on living as an artist. this week, I have decided to let these little women that are living in my home to write and express for one another and for women that they want to share information on.

last but not least, my eldest, the first one out the blocks. my scorpio. the fire and water supplier, Erika.


where do I begin? my pre-teen… who would now rather be on the phone or in front of the television than bonding with her aunt. let’s see… the messy room, the junky school back pack, the fearless one… yes, let’s start with that. the fearless one.

not afraid to turn an event into the “Erika show” if she needs to! she has always been the popular one, ever since pre-kindergarten. you ask, “pre-kindergarten? she was only 4 years old?” I know! her theme song should be, “I AIN’T NEVER SCARED!” until she sees me waiting for her at the school bus stop or standing in the doorway at home. then that changes until school the next day and then it becomes her world again. and how does one maintain a healthy balance of that for a little girl? a little black girl?

she is a leader. she is the organizer. she’s cautious enough not to make the first move all the time. oh, she’ll send someone out ahead of her to test her plan! she’s strategic. she studies you. she’ll stare at me while driving. so, I study her back. I show just as much interest! where? who? why? I let her be the first to try things. the first to go to the theater with me, the first to go to the hair salon, the first to get a bedroom makeover, the first to try ballet, the first to play soccer… she’ll be my first out the gate. I have six more years to panic over that but like most parents, I wonder if I’m preserving as much of her fearlessness as possible? After all, God sent her this way.

she is the popular one at school. she is witty and going through her goofy 6th grade phase. she is an honor roll student and the one that the teacher’s say, “she could easily be an all A student if she just…” she is my fire starter who carries the water in her bag to extinguish it out when she’s done. get it? she’s feisty and “ain’t never scared”. she’s easy going with me, she understands I’m still figuring this parenting thing out but I’m in it for the long haul. with that, for me she stays true to her scorpio sign with water and flows with me.


some days i feel like, jamaica kincaid


some days I feel like jamaica kincaid because I just don’t want to write a book. I want to tell their story just like I witnessed or heard of the occasion, a short story. sometimes funny, sometimes loving and sometimes just plain ‘ole dramatic/angry/sad.

Kincaid is an award winning author of both fiction and non-fiction work. she has authored some of my favorite short story books! her stories are not compelled to drive the story to the methodical structures of writing but to finish the destination of what the characters are feeling. I love her work because it is about “the people” not so much the story. I was living in Washington DC when I first heard of her. I was with a friend who wanted to go in to her book signing and hear what people had to say about her being an “angry writer”. Well, I opted to not go in and I met up with my friend later that day. Fast forward some 8 years later, I come across one of her books at a book store and decide to give her a try. LOVED IT! Kicked myself for not going in and listening to her book signing and becoming a fan of her work back then!

some day’s I feel like jamaica Kincaid because I want to write from an emotional stand point and simply share the human experience without being labored with following the standardized methods. people have referred me as a “serious, revolutionary” writer. I believe I write according to the temperature. yes… some day’s I am simply misunderstood like Kincaid.

“Everything I say is true, and everything I say is not true. You couldn’t admit any of it to a court of law. It would not be good evidence.”- Jamaica Kincaid

some days i feel like, bell hooks

bell hooks

some days I feel like, bell hooks. I feel radical enough to express my mental health even when it exposes my family. It is done with respect and an ambition to grow. I can’t remember the first book I read by bell hooks but I remember feeling like I was having an incredibly intimate and engaging conversation. like the writing legacy I want to leave behind, bell hooks has mastered her craft. she stands alone with the interconnectivity she entails with gender, race and capitalism. she is pro a progressive and critically thinking culture. she is pro living life in a just and freedom filled way.

some days I feel like, bell hooks.

for You on Our day

I’m with you swaying

standing next to you during that moment of silence

seeking to find me in Martin Luther King, amongst Garvey, between the Panthers so I

collect afros and scraped down

heels from marching

surrounding myself with titties and thighs

cause I know I did something more in the movement than take notes and mix lemonade

Where’s my day?  My stamp?  My park?  My street?

no building/no parade/no libraries

but I know the shoulders I stand on

and today is our day.