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Brief Encounter by Ms. Morgan

Her name was Wanda and she needed a place to stay. I was a film student at Howard University and had just come out of the CVS Drugstore down the street from campus when she saw me as I crossed over to the adjoining crosswalk. She was staring at me dead in my face, and disarmed me when she said, “Hi! You look like a nice person.” She seemed sincere enough but now I was sizing her up, and she disarmed me again when she told me her name and said that she needed a place to stay.

In the thirty seconds it took us to cross the street, Wanda told me she had left her husband of twenty-five years because he had beat the crap out of her just a few nights before. She felt old and tired and wanted a new life, but all I saw was a woman in her early fifties who was plumb and curvy with a beautiful complexion and amazing hair. Continue reading Brief Encounter by Ms. Morgan

Celebrating the Power of Women by Deno Sandz

There are a few women preachers on the rise that has proclaimed Jesus Christ and has struggled for years to be heard and respected as literary scribes in the pulpit.  These women preachers with a common center for literary thought understands clearly that the foundation of black literature derives from the church and its mortar is laid secretly in the bible.  Preaching so literarily powerful ignites a dynamic spirit disruption that can only be written down before vocalized to a congregation eager to listen. 

Continue reading Celebrating the Power of Women by Deno Sandz

Reasons by Duania Hall

As a woman I understand the need for reasons. Some days I lie awake in search of a reason to get out of bed and then I hear the rising laughter of my children who bring clarity to purpose. Some moments I have a starring match with my exercise mat searching for reasons why I should use it even though I am tired from the mere thought of doing another squat or crunch. Some minutes I sit at my computer desk trying to reason the reason why I spend countless hours and lose precious sleep as my school work is awaiting my participation. See, I crossed the river of 30 some time ago and juggling more responsibilities creates moments of feeling like I am wearing a cape, and others where I feel the weight of depression falling short of someone to lift it. I am often moved to believe that I am trying to gain too much and as I sense my hour glass turning over, I am reminded of OUR history…Women in history….Black women in history like Dr. Eliza Ann Grier.

eliza grier Continue reading Reasons by Duania Hall

The Journey to Self Love by Heather Renee

I’ve never seen a weak woman. I’ve seen the strength and the faith of a strong woman tested, but never a weak woman. We fight, survive, and repeat the process.

Our viragos nature is expected yet our warrior spirit is attacked and viewed as a character flaw. The androcentric view of weakness is humorous as we manage our families and careers while dealing with sexism and racism. We are nothing yet we are everything.

The burden is heavy, faltering in our duties is frowned upon. Because of expectations, women often forget to take care of the most important aspect of the perfectly built superwoman, ourselves. Self-care becomes secondary to everyone else’s needs. Continue reading The Journey to Self Love by Heather Renee

Break Bread with me

For the month of March, I will have guest writers on my blog sharing the “who’s and why’s” of their favorite women.  It’s important that I emphasize these points:

1) NO you do not have to be a woman.

2) NO you do not have to operate a blog.

3) NO, they do not have to be only African American women (because I am African American, someone did inquire about that)


In return, I would LOVE to write a segment for your blog if not for Women’s History Month in March but for National Poetry Month in April!  So, what do you say?  You wanna’ break bread with me and feed the world some woman wisdom?

PLEASE SEND INTEREST TO nikkiskies@yahoo.com