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When We Arrived asks, “How does poetry inform other art forms?” with poet Sage Gallon

How does poetry inform your visual art?

Poetry has informed my Visual Art in May ways. Poetry compels me, challenges me  to look deeper into myself, to see the truths, the good as well as the ugly. I am challenged to open my eyes, to SEE and it is by seeing more of myself that I am able then to see everything  around me a new, to find the “poetry” in photos as well on the canvas… Poetry  also teaches me how to be fearless. It is with that sense of fearlessness I am able to Shoot and Paint.

How important is accessibility of meaning for a poem?
That’s a great question, I tend to write from my private parts, I attempt to reveal my deepest secrets my fears, my joys my life, experience and sometimes my fantasies… I am often shocked when others relate to a piece. There are even some pieces that I have written that I no longer relate to or even like but someone will come up to me and say something like ” yo Sage… That poem ‘Fight’… It really moved me”. This tells me the accessibility of meaning is sometimes not for the Artist but for the audience.
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