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as parents

parents – (n) The hardest working person in the universe.

We can see beyond horizons and be as blind as bats.

We can hear as keen as owls and be as deaf as a day gone.

We can be energetically defeated.

parenting – (v) The hardest job in the universe.

I dare to say our most imminent goal is to ensure our children can live successful independent lives. And to make sure that goal stays in the forefront of our mind, we will do what we must. That includes perfect vision in a forest and closing our eyes in the light. As long as the goal is protected.

That is how I try to reach the parents of my students. Some of them have a spry and transparent engagement with the social and educational growth of their child. But the majority are only proactive towards their counsel to teachers on their personal goal and avoid any reactionary response on classroom feedback that does not comply with the said goal.


As a parent, I have had uncomfortable conversations in regards to the behavior of my three. And some have been the embarrassing repeated behaviors of “overly social”, “running in the hall” or “incomplete assignments.  I had to grow into a position with my parenting to concede that, the same behavior I correct them with at home, is the same tone they exhibit with other adults. So when I get phone calls and reports that my youngest, who only stops talking when she is sleep, is “overly social” in class, I believe it. I’m not sure what it is that shapes in parents heads that their child’s calamity somehow stops the second they enter the school building. If your child is flipping furniture at home, there is a 90.9% chance you child will come into the classroom and do the same.

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…say, I Love You

…just tell someone that today.

we’re so used to not hearing it the other person will probably think you are:

1. interested in them/attracted to them
2. gay if you are saying it to someone of the same sex

when someone tells me “I Love You” i feel:

regal, special, important, valued

my friend Bilal just returned from the Ivory Coast and he said he witnessed African men holding hands as they walked down the road or when they stood speaking to one another.  no… no homosexuality.  he also told me that he had great anxiety about his first day of school for an African class.  he shared that the man that walked him to the school was standing next to him and grabbed his hand.  Bilal said there was a sudden high level of fiery energy that went through his body and he got through his workshop effortlessly.  after class, all the school children came up, hugged him at the knees and said “I Love You”.  this man stands 6 foot 3 inches and he said their expressions brought him to his knees.

so just try it today.

I love you,
nikki skies