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my poetic contributions  

“Nikki Skies is a poetic warrior with style and honest energy. Powerful, vibrant, passionate and hypnotic expressions surrounds her forcing you to merge with her words.” Floyd Boykin Jr./CEO and Founder of SpokenVizions


“Nikki Skies is not a poet. Nikki Skies is a literary visionary. Painter of panoramic jazz sunsets, sonnets and dusty morsels of herstoric truth.” Anastacia Tolbert, Journalist/Cave Canem Fellow

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Check me out in this month’s copy of SpokenVizions Magazine!

I was asked, “what is a SpokenVizionary?”

part of my response, “Writing is like an eye for an eye.  It’s gifted reciprocity.  You get it back with a blow or a bow, but it’s certainly yours.”

This magazine has won Poetry Magazine of the year since 2011!  Get your copy today!