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tiresome tuesday

applaud Her broken heart poetry
then pass Her a notepad and fresh ink

She dies when rape is spoken of so desensitized.

Like a chipped fingernail or
wrecked car She can call and get
a claim number for
It doesn’t get renewed!

She just let it get used and disown its’ power
so next time he wants to
punch it
or break her back
or dig in dem guts
It won’t hurt

She chose to be one of the “unreported” stats.
I confronted my homophobia.
I re-defined my definitions of rape.
15 years later, I wrote The Town Dance.


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My Year in Writing

2015 has been beyond amazing for me!  After relocating to Atlanta a few years back to help with family, I worked as a performance poet doing feature sets locally and in the surrounding states.  However, the pay was no where near close to what I was familiar with living and performing in northern and southern California and the opportunities were not as versatile in regards to branching in education and art funding programs.  Grudgingly, I returned to the corporate world and had to let all the stories and voices pile in my head.

After one too many phone calls from my colleagues in California asking why they hadn’t heard from me or seen me on the speaking/performing circuit, I told them I was back in the 9-5 world.  But I assured them that the stories had not left me and I would return to writing/performing soon enough.  My prayers became my art and I journaled constantly.  Then in the spring of 2014, I set some dates and goals:

  1. I set the date I would resign from my job.
  2. I decided to write a play and set a deadline, Hope’s Return
  3. I decided to write a novel and set a deadline, The Town Dance 
  4. I decided to compile the poetry and prose I had been writing and publish another poetry book, yardwork

I had never been so artistically hungry in my life!  I pulled out all of my old contacts and began to network and let them know I had some “new stuff” coming soon.  I was fortunate enough to book speaking/performing engagements even before the work was published.  Very fortunate and grateful.  I also decided that I would not return to the poetry scene as active as I had before.  I realized two things, 1) I despise the art form of slam poetry, (I ALWAYS have had a problem with the underlying politics of it) and 2) my poetry does not go well with liquor.  In Atlanta, like most cities, slam poetry has become the norm and venues that might offer pay for performances are in clubs or venues that serve liquor.  I needed a new plan, I had to do something different this go around.

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Thank you to the Cross Cultural Center at Cal State Los Angeles for allowing me to share my artistic journey with writing my novel, The Town Dance.   I was pleased to meet with the students and encourage all the writers in the room.

As I discussed while I was there, as a writer, it is imperative to maintain an active bibliography.  Reading is the BEST writing prompt to keep you active.  Your bibliography should keep you abreast of the writers in your genre and in tune with what your audience is interested in.  Keep in mind, it does not have to be novels you are reading.  It can be a book of poetry, your favorite magazine or reading through your favorite blog.

In regards to our conversation today, I want to share more of the books and authors that were vital resources and tools as I wrote The Town Dance and some literary works I re-visit to study for my writing journey:

Absolutely anything by SONIA SANCHEZ, BELL HOOKS

“Homeade Love” by J. California Cooper

“In Search of Our Mother’s Garden by Alice Walker

“Black Feminist Thought” by Patricia Ann Collins

“Salt” by Nayyirah Waheed

“But Some of Us Are Brave: All The Women are White, All the Blacks are Men; Black Women’s Studies by Aksasha Gloria Hall

In addition, the organizations I referenced were RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) and SAFER (Students Active For Ending Rape).

If you weren’t able to pick up a copy of The Town Dance you can do so here 🙂  Thank you again and keep reading and writing!

Speak on Love,

Nikki Skies