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some days i feel like, nina simone

nina simone

some days I feel like a fusion. a blend of church revival, street corner and classical energy. I feel bordered and limited and have the ability to make prejudice transparent. I feel like I am everything “separately and simultaneously”. nina simone.

a unique voice with a brazen beautiful bold look. she is known as the high priestess of soul due to her stage presence and use of silence as a musical instrument. when she used the silence she called it, “mass hypnosis.” leaving the audience mesmerized!

simone was born in the south and was very active in the civil rights movement. she sang and spoke at several civil rights meetings and marches but unlike Dr. King, Simone advocated violent revolution tactics when needed. simone was an artist who was granted creative control over her music in simple exchange for her voice. the music/lyrics she recorded has transcended into past and current soul music and even the hip hop generation.

this classically trained pianist lived her later years abroad after learning there was a warrant out for her arrest for unpaid taxes. she continued her music career in Africa, Barbados and ultimately in France where she succumbed to breast cancer in 2003.

another example of timeless art. nina simone.