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a Note on Time (meeting me2)

She left this morning.
conveniently smooth like tap water /
Promises taped to her right palm for her to befriend the wild with food

She just wanted to be great.
Capsize time and defend her sister and brother
Look her father in the eye with familiar
Write down her Grandmother’s genius words
Learn the earth at the expense of her Grandfather’s back

She came. / throttled tone with soprano cheeks
shy girl
social as corners

Intimately speaking is how she preferred things
but stories pierced her earlobes
diamonds to shine / hoops to dangle
pages to escape poverty

Like you / she survived through chances
stand offs against never and silence
She left this morning
after a cup of coffee
but prepared these words for you.

Gay Girl

Rose curves in her eyes
at the entrance of a woman’s laughter
Her oversized cuspid seductively graze her bottom lip.

heart pumps catapult
marry her into utopia
piano plays of fingertips on her inner thigh
the suckle of nipples in her mouth longing
for the protective touch she once knew

someone once told her women couldn’t be friends, she believed her. her mom. she believed her mom / actually.

a vacant crime for a child’s ears
cause she’s loved women since glowlights on stormy nights.

nikki skies copyright 2013

a Note on Time (meeting me)

I came / black girl
Dark black girl
2nd generation city girl
Mama gave me all she knew from what was torn between rebellion and fear.
I know fried spam and boxed potatoes
hot nights with white sheets over fans
I know the aroma of lost time / depressed eyes that shame your sunshine
I know a dream deferred / every word
Every pebble on its beach
I’ve swam on it
Drowned myself in its waters more times than my fingers and toes
And I still have enough space on my back for you.

Together Again

Her conversation wrapped around hope like a Kentucky porch
dreams drenched in newly released fiction
she pinned her children’s dew to her shoulder pads to stand tall
convinced her eyes to swallow intuition.

She simmered her saucy sway to disappear in his abandonment
But the thunder crashed her calm
and streaked her breath wild and array like cheap paint.

She prayed she hadn’t just birthed her seventh child for a third time
as dubious matter surrounded her conversation with God
and gasps soiled her pillows.
she took him back.  together again.

nikki skies copyright 2012