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The reason why people, including myself, love being around babies is because their job is to look for the love and excitement in things. Being around my great nieces last summer reminded me not to take myself so serious all the time! Be your art today!


bend but not break


Happy Sunday good people! Here are some words reminding you to be flexible in the face of possible obstacles this week. MAKE IT A GREAT ONE!

Trusting Ears

While in Jackson, Mississippi I had a conversation about life coaches and motivational speakers that are under the age of 40 years old with two Jackson State University professors, one a historian/documentarian and the other a PhD. It was quite enlightening.

Long story short, experience doesn’t make you an expert. A head doesn’t make you a leader nor does a tongue make you a speaker. Social media is a tricky, tricky machine. Make sure it’s passion and not access you’re chasing.