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A sneak preview of: Grace in Retail-The Bonus

While living in Los Angeles pursuing my dreams of acting/writing, I took on several jobs to support myself during the interim of creative gigs.  One of those employment paths was working as a manager in retail.  As a matter of fact, if all added up I worked in retail management for over 13 years collecting tons of stories to tell.

I established great experiences that grew me as a professional and person.  I met some great people who are still friends throughout the years and only because of them I was able to stay sane and continue with my creative dreams.  Most importantly for me, the experiences were people and the people created stories!  I finally decided to sit down and compose a comedic ebook series to share some of those stories.  The series is entitled : Grace in Retail.


With the holiday season coming, the most exciting and strenuous for retail, I decided to separate the books into four sections.  They are: (I.) The Bonus (II.) The Regional Visit   (III.) Black Friday and (IV.) 12 Days of Christmas.

The Bonus:

Grace has just survived another brutal holiday season working as a store manager in retail.  With the company announcing corporate and regional re-alignment due to budget constraints, Grace has growing anxiety if whether or not she and her team will get rewarded the sales bonus they worked so hard for.  Already having experienced the company not following through on promises, Grace has prepared to take on the motto, “no bonus, no customer service” on what could be her last day of work with the company.”

I hope you enjoy!