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when they know better…

These teens that live in my house know all I have been talking about is how I wanted to finish my three 20-page papers for grad school and how I wanted my semester in teaching to be OVER! When both had come, I asked that they let me sit/lay around and not do anything. Not cook, not wash… I didn’t even want to think. Just give me 24 hours to re-center my breath. They agreed.

We mailed out our Christmas cards and boxes to family in other states, put up our house decorations and caught up on television shows I had missed out on. We shared the cooking for the holidays and my youngest even baked desserts all by herself! Their grades are posted online so now parents don’t have to wait until the paper report comes out. I asked about them twice, and both times my oldest pulled out her chrome book and demonstrated that the website was down.

Today I asked about the site and it worked…


If you are a parent you already now what this face means!!! “WHY WOULD YOU WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD BE EXPECTING WITH THESE GRADES?!” I am thankful that they let me relax when they saw I had fallen asleep on the couch or read a book of fiction that I had been missing. (for 4 months my life consisted of non-fiction books and essays!) But somewhere along the line, there was space and time to prep me! So now I am sitting at my desk trying to write a list of things that teenagers with grade point averages of 2.5 and 2.3 can do in my house! NOT TOO MUCH!

I now have three phones and an immaculately spotless home! I also have a list of their short term goals. After my lecture on education and questioning if they studied and gave 100%, I’m not saying we won’t be here again – but I am saying they will tell me ahead of time. (if there is a next time)

BIBLIOGRAPHY for Narboone High School Poetry Club!

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking with a newly formed Poetry Club at Narboone High School.  A group of eager students who want to venture into the world of creative writing through poetry.  YOU ARE IN FOR A WONDERFULLY FULFILLING JOURNEY!

I know we talked about several poets while we were together.  I just want to reiterate to you the importance of maintaining an active bibliography for your craft.  Here are some of the artists we discussed:

Rita Dove                      Amiri Baraka

Sonia Sanchez              Maya Angelou

“Run Towards Fear” by Haki Madhubuti

Paul Lawrence Dunbar          Margaret Walker

Read on Los Angeles Poetry History Watts Prophets

Juan Felipe Herrera (California Poet Laureate)

Read on the “Harlem Renaissance”

James Baldwin                     Gwendolyn Brooks

Read on the “Black Arts Movement”

“Miseducation of the Negro” by Carter G. Woodson

Nikki Giovanni                        Langston Hughes

Rosa Guy                                 Hoyt W. Fuller

Make sure at some point you incorporate these books in rotation for your readings and then WRITE WRITE WRITE!  The world is waiting for you and your voice!  Thank you for inviting me and don’t forget to use the other Los Angeles’ artists I suggested to you.

Speak on Love,

Nikki Skies