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wrappin’ up semester one

I’m almost at the finish line. For my first semester in my PhD program that is! (haha) This process is a bit different from my recent MA program. Here I have an assistantship and I don’t have to work full-time. For anyone considering this journey… GET FUNDING FOR YOUR PH.D!!! All of the study habits I garnered for research papers and my thesis I can apply now in an uninterrupted manner. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is better than that.

My plans for this degree are… my own. I’m not a traditional student, meaning I am coming into this after years of being in the business, traveling, performing and speaking. I am not worried or stressed about what to do afterwards. I will keep my options opens but what is non-negotiable is my happiness. I see and I’ve heard what happens to black women in the “ivory tower” and all I can say is… Nikki has options that she will continue to stay in positive and creative graces with.

As I close out this semester, I am getting closer to identifying my key terms and the broader concepts of my research. Virtual learning has been an interesting struggle and working in theatre remotely is strange as all out. But here is to the future Dr. Nikki in Theatre and Performance Studies! First semester is in the BOOKS!


where you been?


I honestly hadn’t realized it had been almost a year since I posted on my blog. Life… mercy.

Well, I picked up a Master’s in Africana Women’s Studies and now I am absolutely stupid happy that I am studying theatre again. Last semester I dipped my toe in an acting class to sharpen my chops and immediately fell in love with theatre again. why did I ever leave you? So I am aiming for a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies. It’s necessary. It’s necessary to continue my interdisciplinary approach as well. It’s also necessary to stay creative. While getting my MA it was all work… no play. That’s not healthy for me. I know me.

It’s midterms so I actually need to finish up on some papers due by the end of the week. I promise to be back in touch in less than two weeks.