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the grits of New Orleans

I live amongst an amazing circle of friends who write for magazine publications, theater, poetry, novels and short stories. What is amazing is the variety of genres that are covered and how most have embraced this is how the stories come to them. From whomever or where ever they contribute their muse or creative direction, we are all very different.

I am folklore and history. I have been since elementary. I have been visited by songs from oak trees to rural area cobble stone streets. Like most artists, my sleep has been kidnapped by the smells of their cooking and their loud and sometimes hallow laughter. You’ve heard of the “dog whisperer”? Ok, allow me to officially introduce myself, I am Nikki Skies the “southern city whisperer”.
A summer visit to Jackson, Mississippi inspired my book Mississippi Window Cracks. Working in Montgomery, Al inspired my book Porch n Pork. I recently visited New Orleans for a weekend getaway and was bombarded with voices and stories! From the arrival of marble steps from France to the soulful meals of low country boils to feed families.

I get a romantic story or poem every six years or so. For the most part, excluding the freedom I am creating for this blog, I keep my personal life and stories out of my writings. I would much rather write about you through my colors and seasons. Like how you spent the first musky humid filled night with Katrina, or how your bead strewn streets are actually full of prayers. The life found in your cemetaries and the trusting trance you’d place on swamp gators till daybreak. New Orleans, I heard you. And yes, I will write one of your stories.