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A Fault in Schooling


A few years back I remember there being a flux of best selling books on entrepreneurship and how to become an effective leader.  The company I was working for actually bought a few in bulk and made them available to all members of management to read and keep in rotation until we had read them all.  I have recently been having conversations with colleagues who stand with an austere tone that they wasted time in college only to collect debt on degrees they have no use for. These discussions have made me reflect on whether or not entrepreneurship was provided as an opportunity during our course work.

One of my friends shared with me that she remembered sitting in the office of one of our professors and confiding in him that she was interested in taking the writing track for her MFA.  She told him that ultimately she wanted to write for television in Hollywood.  She said he began to laugh so unsparingly that tears fell from his eyes.  After his laughing rant, he advised her she was in that program to become a teacher.  There was no conversation on “how” her visions could be actualized.  I think back to reading those leadership books while I was working to sustain someone elses’ dream and I remembered I had quite a few “a-ha” moments.  I learned of life/business strategies I had not learned from my parents or at any level in my schooling.  In undergrad and graduate school I had been given the basic tools to seek employment but I had not been given tools, or conversation, on how to be an independent artist or entrepreneur.  I had no direction on how to create my own paths. Continue reading A Fault in Schooling