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Reasons by Duania Hall

As a woman I understand the need for reasons. Some days I lie awake in search of a reason to get out of bed and then I hear the rising laughter of my children who bring clarity to purpose. Some moments I have a starring match with my exercise mat searching for reasons why I should use it even though I am tired from the mere thought of doing another squat or crunch. Some minutes I sit at my computer desk trying to reason the reason why I spend countless hours and lose precious sleep as my school work is awaiting my participation. See, I crossed the river of 30 some time ago and juggling more responsibilities creates moments of feeling like I am wearing a cape, and others where I feel the weight of depression falling short of someone to lift it. I am often moved to believe that I am trying to gain too much and as I sense my hour glass turning over, I am reminded of OUR history…Women in history….Black women in history like Dr. Eliza Ann Grier.

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