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Take a listen to my conversation with Shaping the Shift podcast. We’re talking Black Women Writers.

Nikki in conversation with Shaping the Shift


where you been?


I honestly hadn’t realized it had been almost a year since I posted on my blog. Life… mercy.

Well, I picked up a Master’s in Africana Women’s Studies and now I am absolutely stupid happy that I am studying theatre again. Last semester I dipped my toe in an acting class to sharpen my chops and immediately fell in love with theatre again. why did I ever leave you? So I am aiming for a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies. It’s necessary. It’s necessary to continue my interdisciplinary approach as well. It’s also necessary to stay creative. While getting my MA it was all work… no play. That’s not healthy for me. I know me.

It’s midterms so I actually need to finish up on some papers due by the end of the week. I promise to be back in touch in less than two weeks.