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Featured on Wall-to-Wall Books Blog Today!

My novel, The Town Dance, is featured on the literary blog, Wall-to-Wall Books today.  Check out an excerpt from the novel and buy your copy today.

Next month, Wall-to-Wall Books will post a review of The Town Dance. Check out the 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon 🙂

“Write that story that you’re afraid people will ask you about.  That is The Town Dance for me.” – Nikki Skies

Book Promotion thru 8/29!

Louisiana is near and dear to my heart because my alma mater is Grambling State University.  And, who doesn’t LOVE the city of New Orleans?!

I remember when Hurricane Katrina hit. I was living in Inglewood, California watching the devastation and disaster on television.  I was trying to remember who I knew that still lived in New Orleans and then on the tv screen popped my ex-roommate from Grambling.  She was laying on a cot at the Houston Astrodome after having been relocated from New Orleans.  I was overwrought with emotion.  It truly became personal.

One of the short stories in my book, Mississippi Window Cracks, is entitled When Chris Met Katrina.  Being that the southern coastal parts of Mississippi were devastated too, I wrote a story that connected Louisiana and Mississippi through a character named, Chris.  The anniversary of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina is August 29th and I have an offer for you.

When you purchase an autographed copy of my novel, The Town Dance, and leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, I will send you a copy of Mississippi Window Cracks for FREE.  Come on… push the button below and get your copy now!

Click here for your autographed copy of The Town Dance (unfortunately, I am not shipping internationally at this time)

I will post excerpts from Mississippi Window Cracks in the days to come.  You have until 8/29 for your purchase.  The review should be posted by September 19th.


We’re in the UK today with The Town Dance!

Hi All,

Today we are in the UK at Carole’s Book Corner promoting The Town Dance!  If you haven’t read the synopsis yet, go check it out.  If it’s your cup of tea, buy a bag to take home to enjoy later.  Well, you know what I mean… buy the book 🙂

This is day three for the release of my debut novel and the response has been amazing!  People are full of conversation after reading the book because of the story.  Let me explain…

When I began research on the top of same sex assault, all erotic/exotic stories and topics came up during my internet research.  This presumably has to be the thoughts that come to mind when people read the synopsis.  It is assumed to be about lesbian rape or an assault between two lesbian women.  It is not.  Nor is it an erotic exploit on two women sexually engaged.  It’s not a fantasy  It’s a story loosely based on a friend’s experience with same gender assault and breaking her silence some 15 years later.  If it happened to a friend of mine… it has happened before and thereafter.  I took a risk and chose to write about it.

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Check out my Featured Author Post

Today I’m a featured author at Born To Read Books

Enjoy an excerpt of The Town Dance while you’re there!  And by the way, launch day for The Town Dance ranked #180 for kindle buyers in the Literary Fiction/African American genre.  Not too bad for a self published indie author 🙂

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