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SHE CHRONICLES: the way She, a poem by Brad Walrond

Look the way she cares her self
The way her self

Cares and makes room

For grace
For power
For forgiveness

Look how she holds her own throne
Inside her body—

the way her spirit sits up high the way
her legs enable her standing

the way her belly follows the moon the way her
mind weighs the Worlds that depend upon her spine

Look see how she rules the World
She embraces

with time.


Brad Walrond is a poet, author, activist, and mixed-media performance artist born in Brooklyn, New York to first generation Caribbean parents from Barbados. Brad received his MA in Political Science from Columbia University and his poetry has been published in the New York Times, African Voices, Moko Magazine, and Eleven Eleven. His first collection of prose and poems every where alien will be published on Moore Black Press later this year. Follow him @bradwalrond on instagram and facebook.



Out with the Body Hate, It is Time for Body Love by Arletta Saafir

Each of us women can recall the time in our life when we went from being blissfully content with our body and unaware that there was something wrong with its shape, size or weight to coming into the awareness that our body didn’t measure up to the then “ideal body” type and that we were in fact ‘fat’ and impossibly flawed.

For me it was at the onset of puberty and I was gifted with these fabulous legs, thick thighs and stretch marks. After putting on like 20 pounds and 4 inches in a growth spurt I was told to make sure that I didn’’t “get fat” and that “I better watch what I eat”. My thighs were just so damn big, or so I was told and thus began my obsession with them. My stretch marks I also was informed were ‘gross’ and I started harboring shame and disgust of them. Eating became torture because I had allowed myself to accept what I had been told by loved ones was true and had been convinced that I was one forkful away from being over weight and that is how my body hating began. Continue reading Out with the Body Hate, It is Time for Body Love by Arletta Saafir