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a new career, for the 3rd time; the first year

In between speaking engagements or during the interim of writing projects, I picked up side jobs to keep me financially ahead instead of becoming creatively stifled due to trying to maintain or “stay afloat”. After I wrote my play, “Hope’s Return”, I was introduced to the Atlanta theatre world and re-connected with previous theatre buddies. With this, I was invited on several occasions to apply to teaching positions in the theatre capacity.

After years of executive retail store management, I had NO interest in working with a theatre company and devoting my nights and weekends. And after experience with non-profit organizations, I had NO interest in working for a community/neighborhood theatre and contributing countless loads of money to guarantee a successful and professional looking production. Now, I have done both of these positions before and at that time in my life they were incredibly rewarding and I thoroughly enjoyed them. However, that time has come and gone. I have both of those t-shirts folded somewhere in my closet.

A few years ago, I began substitute teaching for public schools. I quickly learned, after several assignments, I was great with pre-k to 4th grade. I didn’t have the language or patience for any grade above 4th grade. I joyfully worked a full school year as a sub, even so that towards the end of the year, I was requested by teachers and principals more than I had to seek assignments. The following school year came and the only thing I wanted to change was to be stable as a long term substitute with two or three schools. I saw a posting for a long term substitute for a school that had three campuses. I thought that this would surely keep me busy and it is exactly what I had prayed for. I applied and got the position.

elementary pic

I started my six week assignment for a 4th grade English Language Arts (ELA) teacher going on maternity leave. I loved the environment of teachers I was around everyday! And as luck would have it, a fellow 4th grade ELA teacher had resigned and would be leaving around the same time my assignment would be over. Administration asked me if I was interested in becoming part of the team as a full-time ELA teacher, I accepted.

So there I was, I had entered a new career (outside of my artistry), for the 3rd time. A job that concluded between 3:30 and 4pm and was conveniently close to my home. And the best part, I was able to impose the magnitude of words in the young minds of brown kids 5 days of week. I was able to share my passion of sentence structure and reading on some impressionable minds.  What I had never taken into account were the behavioral curves and obstacles that reared its’ ugly head every day.

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Trusting Ears

While in Jackson, Mississippi I had a conversation about life coaches and motivational speakers that are under the age of 40 years old with two Jackson State University professors, one a historian/documentarian and the other a PhD. It was quite enlightening.

Long story short, experience doesn’t make you an expert. A head doesn’t make you a leader nor does a tongue make you a speaker. Social media is a tricky, tricky machine. Make sure it’s passion and not access you’re chasing.

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I started this blog because I must write.  If it’s not in a journal, I’m drafting a poem or finishing another draft to the book that has been haunting me since 2003. (it’ll be on shelves by July, I promise!)  I want to connect with new readers / writers / authors / poets / playwrights… I want to connect with new artists.  Those with similar stories and those that I can learn from.  So with this being my intent, when I get nominated for blog awards I am surprised and grateful.  Thank you to www.rebirthoflisa.wordpress.com for the passing of the:


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1)  My mother put me in the arts when I was a child because she said my “imaginary friend”, CoCo, was too real.  I acted in my first play at five years old.

2)  I studied Spanish for four years but when I became an exchange student in Coahuila, Mexico – I HAD TO PRACTICALLY RE-LEARN IT!

3)  I can hum and beat box at the same time.

4)  My graduating semester in college, I reluctantly went to a party with friends and met an incredibly goofy man whom I turned down.  The next week he was on the cover of Jet magazine signing a $40 million contract with the Orlando Magic – Shaquille O’Neal. (I had no clue to whom he was…)

5)  I’ve traced my maternal grandmother’s family back to the 1700’s in England.

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