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Here’s more advice from Grace on customers with declined cards this holiday weekend of shopping.  And don’t forget to download the comedic ebook, “Grace in Retail” for FREE this weekend ONLY.

Here’s one more thing to get this Black Friday shopping weekend!

Enjoying all the black friday shopping deals?  Well don’t forget about this one… download “Grace in Retail” for FREE this weekend only!  Now here is Grace with some interviewing advice…

Download “Grace in Retail” for FREE this weekend!

This weekend only download “Grace in Retail” for FREE during the busiest shopping time of the year! From Friday 11/25- Sunday 11/27, click here to read about Grace and her adventures working in retail!

Did you miss this tips from “Grace in Retail”?

Just in case you missed her tips on thieves in your stores, here’s “Grace in Retail”!  Get your copy of the Amazon best seller in humor & entertainment short reads today.

Your favorite girl… Here’s Grace!

Here’s “Grace in Retail” giving store managers tips when it comes to weekly conference calls and district surprise visits! YOU have made the first installment of the “Grace in Retail” series a top seller on Amazon short reads in humor & entertainment 🙂  Get your copy today.  Enjoy!


Meet “Grace in Retail”

HI everyone! I want you to meet Grace in Retail as she offers up some interview tips for getting a job in retail.  And don’t forget to get the ebook, “Grace in Retail- The Bonus”, the first part of four that will make up this comedic ebook series.