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SHE CHRONICLES: “To A Women Whose Voice I Like” a video post by Nikki Giovanni

“Show me someone not full of themselves and I’ll show you an empty person.”


SHE CHRONICLES: Nikki Giovanni, a video post

“Talk to me poem, I’m all alone.”

Gathered Around Fire (a prose piece for roux makers)



I was cold.  I didn’t know too much about The Fire Next Time (James Baldwin) or that it could be easily identified as the return of the spirit of the movement.

The presence of our ancestors to re-connect the seven sciences that we all represented.

I just know that of the several bonfires that appeared    /I chose the one closest to my home.  A few others had come to get warm.

We dared to stare down the center of this chemical process to identify what was causing the combustion.  And nothing was there.  Not with the naked eye at least.                                                                         It was simply a fire and I was cold.

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