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I started this blog because I must write.  If it’s not in a journal, I’m drafting a poem or finishing another draft to the book that has been haunting me since 2003. (it’ll be on shelves by July, I promise!)  I want to connect with new readers / writers / authors / poets / playwrights… I want to connect with new artists.  Those with similar stories and those that I can learn from.  So with this being my intent, when I get nominated for blog awards I am surprised and grateful.  Thank you to www.rebirthoflisa.wordpress.com for the passing of the:


With this, I will share 5 facts about myself and pass the nomination on to other blogs.  Here we go…

1)  My mother put me in the arts when I was a child because she said my “imaginary friend”, CoCo, was too real.  I acted in my first play at five years old.

2)  I studied Spanish for four years but when I became an exchange student in Coahuila, Mexico – I HAD TO PRACTICALLY RE-LEARN IT!

3)  I can hum and beat box at the same time.

4)  My graduating semester in college, I reluctantly went to a party with friends and met an incredibly goofy man whom I turned down.  The next week he was on the cover of Jet magazine signing a $40 million contract with the Orlando Magic – Shaquille O’Neal. (I had no clue to whom he was…)

5)  I’ve traced my maternal grandmother’s family back to the 1700’s in England.

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If you accept, please adhere to the following:

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  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
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