where are the good ones? (a poem)

Where are all the good women?

she’s walking atop the sidewalks of corporate america so she can “make something” of herself

she’s camouflaged in Sunday’s blues and the preacher’s best sermon on how she should perform

she’s wading in the topics of 401k, college funds, funeral planning, vacation planning, family health care

she’s abandoned like January’s Christmas trees

she’s dancing amidst lyrics that objectify her body and encourage vilified images of her humanity

we are standing behind all of this, choking on our own deception so we won’t be considered


she’s right in front of you… unrecognizable, outside of herself / covered, in plain view…

Five Tips to “Selfie Pics” Men Should Follow

After a delightful conversation with some girlfriends on dating, I have summed up a few tips for men to follow when sending out selfie pics to women they are interested in. If you want to present yourself as a single/available man you may want to:

1. Change the pillow you’re laying on, unless you really like Betty Boop.

2. Remove the flat irons/curling irons from the counter in front of you.

3. Remove the bras and pantyhose hanging over the shower rod behind you.

4. Close the closet door behind you so your girlfriends/wives dresses aren’t showing.

5. Move the family vacation picture taken at Disneyland from the nightstand so it’s not showing.


what she had in her womb.

what she had in her womb was a surprise. a double breath and the joy of being her own friend.

what she had in her womb was her mother’s shame. but her grandmother knew the owner in the clouds and told her she was perfect.

what she had in her womb was a new conversation for him after games. a reason for him to be proud of his inventions and trust the shortcuts in life.

she can only hope he is a great as Mandela. how was he made?
she can only hope he is destined like Barack. what did his mother do?

what she had in her womb was a surprise. and she named him Trayvon.

and he became known all over the world.
and like Mandela he is impactful.
and like Barack people rally to support him.

her grandmother knew the owner in the clouds and told her she was perfect. he continues to be conversation after the games.

he did have a destiny. not the one she prayed on / not even the one he himself planned out. but he is impactful and known all over the world this surprise that was once in her womb. he just didn’t experience it.

Memphis Trues

My mother’s family is from Mound City and Marion, Arkansas so traveling to this area for family reunions was an annual summer event. These rural areas are the outskirts of Memphis, Tenn.

I recently went to Memphis with a woman that I have called friend for the past 29 years, Vanessa. Buddies since junior high school! Between us, we have lived in nine different states! Both of our birthdays are in July and a few years ago we decided to travel to a different city and see what it has to offer. Last year we did Chicago and just this past weekend we met up in Memphis. Now even though I have been to Memphis before, I had never been as an adult and without holding the hands of a younger cousin, etc. Once I got back to Atlanta, I knew I wanted to share photos and write about the city but then I decided I should write about friendship.

So what do we do? We laugh, eat what the locals eat, laugh, talk about our relationships (she’s actually married her high school sweetheart and they’ve been together for the past 25 years!), take a city tour, talk for hours and sleep in. I know the things I told her will stay with her and we will re-visit next year and throughout the year. She knows her ideas and thoughts are safe with me. Friends like this, don’t judge but gently persuade. When she laughs at me I don’t get offended. We don’t support pity parties but encourage each other to look to the light. To get to the point, we trust each other. Trust is what has sustained us all these years.

To all those who have true friends, time can/will get away from you so make the time to nurture those relationships. Of course you hear all these tips for your significant others but don’t take for granted your friendships. They need TLC too. I just traded in the Memphis blues to maintain some Memphis trues!

the grits of New Orleans

I live amongst an amazing circle of friends who write for magazine publications, theater, poetry, novels and short stories. What is amazing is the variety of genres that are covered and how most have embraced this is how the stories come to them. From whomever or where ever they contribute their muse or creative direction, we are all very different.

I am folklore and history. I have been since elementary. I have been visited by songs from oak trees to rural area cobble stone streets. Like most artists, my sleep has been kidnapped by the smells of their cooking and their loud and sometimes hallow laughter. You’ve heard of the “dog whisperer”? Ok, allow me to officially introduce myself, I am Nikki Skies the “southern city whisperer”.
A summer visit to Jackson, Mississippi inspired my book Mississippi Window Cracks. Working in Montgomery, Al inspired my book Porch n Pork. I recently visited New Orleans for a weekend getaway and was bombarded with voices and stories! From the arrival of marble steps from France to the soulful meals of low country boils to feed families.

I get a romantic story or poem every six years or so. For the most part, excluding the freedom I am creating for this blog, I keep my personal life and stories out of my writings. I would much rather write about you through my colors and seasons. Like how you spent the first musky humid filled night with Katrina, or how your bead strewn streets are actually full of prayers. The life found in your cemetaries and the trusting trance you’d place on swamp gators till daybreak. New Orleans, I heard you. And yes, I will write one of your stories.

Summer Bucket List

I now know why my mother wanted quiet when she first got home from work.  I recall being so excited to see my mother every time she pulled in the driveway coming home from work.  I, along with my younger brother and sister, would meet her at the front door with smiles and in need of hugs.  Most days she would push us away and go into her room and close the door.  Over the years, I simply found a place to put that attention I was seeking.

The past couple of years, with my sending the kids to Kansas City to visit their mother and father, I have been given that silent time every mother seeks without feeling guilty.  See,  when my nieces run to the door to meet me I stop and give hugs and ask how their day was.  But I always looked forward to the summer when I walked into a quiet home and laughter barren foyer. 

Upon realizing I was not sending them away, I directly announced to everyone, “I am still having my summer vacation!”  Probably like most mothers, I usually don’t keep my word when it comes to “taking care of self” so I created a Summer Bucket List for me to strive for.  The list may grow but so far this is what I’m committed to:

(1) Swim in the river. (I have refused to swim in a river or lake my whole life BUT I will get in the ocean any day! Don’t ask because I don’t have an answer…)

(2) Go away for my birthday weekend.  Philly, Miami or a beach somewhere!

(3) Wear a two piece bathing suit.  (I can’t remember the last time I did that!  But one goes on by Sept.!)

(4) Take a mega bus trip to a city I haven’t been to and explore… solo.

(5) Create the space/time to finish my book. (Been working on it for five years now… it’s about time!)

(6) Get new headshots.  Actually have a new photo shoot to have a new selection of photos for publicity, etc. (You say this isn’t a big deal… it is to me because I will have to submit those headshots right?  I will have to post those new pics for photo opps somewhere right?  It’s all about a subtle motivation people!)

So far that is the terrifying list I have created.  I deserve it.  No, I need it.  To all the moms with a cheerleading squad greeting you at the front door, I support you creating that space needed to continue to develop you as a person.  Where’s your summer bucket list moms?!

I am a lover of perseverance. I am folklore. I am consistency and contradiction.

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