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Back Packs


I am certain these layers
of clothes are all he
has to change and spare

Everyone is aware
these two backpacks
compile his bedroom and family room
and life

homeless. life

months on minutes


We lived for the next visit.

welcomed the next word
unafraid before love
we broke breath with strangers
rode the moon
for her return
muse united /we lived for the
next visit.


you know me as a Poet…

I mainly use this blog for my poetry.  Every so often I use it for blogs about family, etc but mainly I express my art that is poetry here.  I have been, and will return, to a huge poetic presence for my blog during the creation of She Chronicles (March) and When We Arrived (April).

I am a full time artist so I have to write, perform, submit for festivals, sell books, facilitate workshops, speak on literacy, etc.  I have tried other jobs and honestly… I didn’t give my all.  I didn’t commit nor did I care as much as I do when I am creating art.  So forgive me for not being as present as I have been in the past… I’ve been writing!

As you know, I wrote a novel that is doing AMAZING!  I have book signings lined up for it.  I wrote a play that was 1 of 40 chosen from a selection of 332.  It will be produced November of this year which now gives me the title of Professional Playwright.  And now I have compiled a book of poetry and prose entitled, “yardwork” that is available now in paperback and available for pre-order on Kindle.  “yardwork” is  a compilation of writings from mid 2009 to now.  And I hope you will grab a copy and enjoy 🙂


“Try to make it to 80!” /Mother Maya

I believe in transition.  I believe energy transforms into something else or somewhere else.  From that perspective,  the universe became stronger a year ago today when Maya Angelou transitioned.

This is one of my favorite photos of her.  She was 82 in this picture and praised her wisdom and the gift of life! I hope you enjoy her words  🙂  We love and miss you Mother Maya!


“82 is hot!  82 is fabulous!  I thought that the 60’s were good, I thought that the 60’s were the hottest ever! And then I got into the 70’s, what?! I loved the 70’s!  I thought well the 80’s, it’s going to be slowing down. Not! I’m writing a cookbook, I’m writing a new poem, a big poem! I’m writing music, I’m writing! I’m working! And I’m talking to you. The 80’s, try and make it! Try to make it to 80.” –   Oprah’s Master Class / Maya Angelou, 2011