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Today we are in the UK at Carole’s Book Corner¬†promoting The Town Dance!¬† If you haven’t read the synopsis yet, go check it out.¬† If it’s your cup of tea, buy a bag to take home to enjoy later.¬† Well, you know what I mean… buy the book ūüôā

This is day three for the release of my debut novel and the response has been amazing!¬† People are full of conversation after reading the book because of the story.¬† Let me explain…

When I began research on the top of same sex assault, all erotic/exotic stories and topics came up during my internet research.¬† This presumably has to be the thoughts that come to mind when people read the synopsis.¬† It is assumed to be about lesbian rape or an assault between two lesbian women.¬† It is not.¬† Nor¬†is it¬†an erotic exploit on two women sexually engaged.¬† It’s not a fantasy¬† It’s a story loosely based on a¬†friend’s experience with same gender assault and breaking her silence some 15 years later.¬† If it happened to a friend of mine… it has happened before and thereafter.¬† I took a risk and chose to write about it.

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