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When We Arrived presents: Activated a poem by Teal Moss

Her vision is 4 dimensional

Her Love is non conventional

See see’s the universe in the mahogany of her hands

Her word are always visual

Her healing is preferential

She has gifts only solar systems can understand

Our feelings are each other’s addiction

Graphic when we become fiction

Allows our worlds to spiritually expand

Without constrictions

In our convictions

This is our walk in the sand

Like the sun caresses the sky 7 days a week

She kisses me like the moon does the night as we create our Mozambique

Far from perfect, designed so unique

We lay in this hub of the ultraverse

Tailored Cosmic Chic

She blooms for me like a rose in the mist of a mid September morn

The dew from her petals will bless the green grass below as the day begins to dawn

The breeze that comes off from her love, allows me to feel heaven like a song

The clouds fall in love, smile and dance on

As you become lost in the infinity pool she calls eyes

Her patterns and signatures are that of galaxies, pulsating to harmonize

Planting soul in your soil, you steps are fertilized

Building and growing your aura, now you realize

You feel Saturn’s symphony, she’s made you her King

With her soul invested into you, you can do anything

Can I see myself married to her, yes I’d sing

Can I see her bearing a child, yes 1 or 2 offspring

This is a love that’s long overdue; I’m prepared with a ring

The Universe has blessed me with a love forever, forever and everything



Is a Los Angeles Based Photographer, Musician, Poet, and Writer.   Releasing music under the moniker French Telefone. He has done music for such web series as “The Unwritten Rules”, “Everything I Did Wrong In My 20’s”, and “Headcases”. As a poet has performed at various events around Los Angeles including the great Poetry Lounge. As a Photographer has worked with Quincy Jones, Kim Basinger, to BET and Verses and Flow on TV One. Currently working on a Photography Book and another French Telefone Project.

When We Arrived presents: 7 Apollo Street a poem by Margie Shaheed

I fly from the porch
go to the kitchen for water
Hindu devotional
songs have leaked
through my dusty wooden floor

I imagine the song says,
“touch the bones
let them give you
the answer”
I plant the message
in the hollow of my hand

I return to the porch
where children with dreadlocks
sweep the sidewalk clean
playing the wheel barrow
game on Apollo Street

Down on Apollo Street
where cows trek on golden hooves
and the bitter hum of curry powder
snuffs out loud music and the color
of sun beating down the day


What is the role of poetry in a community?
I’m a community poet, writer and teaching artist who witness my art as a direct product and expression of a communal experience. Just like you can’t separate mind, body and spirit you can’t separate poet, community and the world. We function as the eyes and ears, observing and reporting to the community what’s going on in the world around us. Now, don’t think for a minute that the people don’t know what’s going on because they do it’s just not easy for everyone to express themselves in this way. Poets on the other hand, like the African Griot not only teach, recite and bless the mic, they also document and keep the story straight. Although I identify strongly as a poet, I’ve been writing across genres lately trying my hand with success at short stories and nonfiction. In this regard I’m greatly inspired by the works of Langston Hughes and living poets Dr. Mary E. Weems and Askia M. Toure.

30 years from now, how do you want someone to describe your work?
We all know that the world of poetry can be high brow and elitist. Thirty years from now I want people to say that I rejected this absurd idea and chose instead to write about the cultural experiences of Black, brown and beige people in a language that is accessible, imaginative, relevant and truthful.

Margie Shaheed is a community poet, writer and teaching artist. Her work has been published in Essence Magazine, The Mom Egg Review, Black Magnolias, Femficatio, Split This Rock, Blackberry: A Magazine, Linden Avenue Literary Journal and Spector Magazine. She is the author of two chapbooks, MOSIC (NightBallet Press, 2013) and ONOMONOPOEIA (NightBallet Press, 2015). Her manuscript, The Playground (poems) is the winner of the 2014 Hidden Charm Press Chapbook Contest and will be published in June, 2015.
If you would like to order the chapbooks go to or if you’d like to contact Margie directly for readings or workshops email

When We Arrived presents: washing blood from your hands a poem by Conney Williams

she cheated on me
without my permission
committing violence in a way
Manson only imagined
when he visited the Lobianco’s
she even asked
for my assistance
wanted me to inflict my own wounds
cut myself deeper
with the sincerity of lies
no blinking
no change in facial expression
a polygraph couldn’t detect
her deception
lowering her body temperature
to Antarctica levels
she is Novocaine
compassion and mercy
escaping the prison of her  lips
like coup d’état refugees
she has done her grieving
worn her best black
it is me dumbfounded
that she has died on our Calvary
no more resurrections
she has a new disciple
hiding prayers
between her thighs
she wants to grant them
like she saved me in 2007
i am indigent (lover)
sleeping inside a love..decayed
because she is already gone
she has left the gravesite
poured the dirt and
buried what was once us
beneath the moans
of her new Messiah



Conney D. Williams is a Los Angeles based poet, actor and performance artist originally from Shreveport, Louisiana where he worked a radio personality. He has two collections of poetry “Leaves of Spilled Spirit from an Untamed Poet (2002)” and his most recent, “Blues Red Soul Falsetto (2012).” His poetry has been published in various publications, newspapers, and anthologies (Voices From Leimert, At the End of the Day, Drumming Between Us). He is the Artistic Director at the World Stage Performance Gallery where he facilitates the Anansi Writers Workshop. He is a community activist and has worked with youth for over 25 years. He is formerly an ordained minister and Youth Pastor in the Church of God in Christ. He has hosted a weekly cable television show and also recorded a gospel rap cd called L.I.F.E (1985). He has been the Poet’s Stage Coordinator for the Leimert Park Village Book Fair since its inception; and also the Annual Leimert Park Village African Art & Music Festival for three years (2012-2014). He has performed his poetry on television, radio (KJLH, KPFK), universities (USC, UCLA, Claremont, CSLB, Antioch, CS-Northridge, and others), cultural events & organizations (Black Arts Festival, CAAM), for the City & County of Los Angeles, across the U.S., and he regularly curates poetry events in Los Angeles.