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Artists Must Remain Uncaptured

expansive / mystified like the flow of the Nile
we ran the dance of gazelles
unafraid to tempt the thunder / or route the flow of rain

we declared ourselves artists
and we spoke paint and poem / dance and drums
made HIStory and HERstory relevant next to fish and broccoli
fed and fast / we believed in beliefs.

then / we became responsible for others thorns
that bruised our bellies to disengage our content with imperfections
our crossbows captured
we inhaled common breath and put our rapid beating hearts asunder.
Dear Artists,
We all birth days of doubt. But we have to remember that what is known today is what we wrote yesterday. What we carved in tombs and tree trunks. What we buried in gravel and red dirt.
Messages we interpreted from shooting stars and scattered bones. We are the tendons for mobility. We must remain abandoned from group thought. Resilient to time. Familiar with the gifts of jasmine.

dream.believe in the flow of your blood.and the loud slurs in your garden.
we have stories to write.8counts to prance.rhythms to flow.
we must remain uncaptured.