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Today in Charleston


You pick the words today… I’m speechless.

This art is from my amazing friend, Sage Gallon.


When We Arrived presents: Activated a poem by Teal Moss

Her vision is 4 dimensional

Her Love is non conventional

See see’s the universe in the mahogany of her hands

Her word are always visual

Her healing is preferential

She has gifts only solar systems can understand

Our feelings are each other’s addiction

Graphic when we become fiction

Allows our worlds to spiritually expand

Without constrictions

In our convictions

This is our walk in the sand

Like the sun caresses the sky 7 days a week

She kisses me like the moon does the night as we create our Mozambique

Far from perfect, designed so unique

We lay in this hub of the ultraverse

Tailored Cosmic Chic

She blooms for me like a rose in the mist of a mid September morn

The dew from her petals will bless the green grass below as the day begins to dawn

The breeze that comes off from her love, allows me to feel heaven like a song

The clouds fall in love, smile and dance on

As you become lost in the infinity pool she calls eyes

Her patterns and signatures are that of galaxies, pulsating to harmonize

Planting soul in your soil, you steps are fertilized

Building and growing your aura, now you realize

You feel Saturn’s symphony, she’s made you her King

With her soul invested into you, you can do anything

Can I see myself married to her, yes I’d sing

Can I see her bearing a child, yes 1 or 2 offspring

This is a love that’s long overdue; I’m prepared with a ring

The Universe has blessed me with a love forever, forever and everything



Is a Los Angeles Based Photographer, Musician, Poet, and Writer.   Releasing music under the moniker French Telefone. He has done music for such web series as “The Unwritten Rules”, “Everything I Did Wrong In My 20’s”, and “Headcases”. As a poet has performed at various events around Los Angeles including the great Poetry Lounge. As a Photographer has worked with Quincy Jones, Kim Basinger, to BET and Verses and Flow on TV One. Currently working on a Photography Book and another French Telefone Project.