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Meet me at the Edge

Easily one of my new favorite quotes:

“You have to live at the edge of your capabilities.” – Will Smith


she’s called Phoenix


Many people will read this and immediately begin to think from a religious perspective and ignore the transformation that can be experienced from this mantra.

The politics of religion is about mind and crowd control, not freedom or spiritual growth.  And perhaps this is where the frustration begins.  Instead of viewing the glass as half empty people will view it as constantly starting over.

Those hard times are where you are burning to rise.  Where you should allow yourself to come undone.  Only to give birth to yourself again.  Think differently… think spiritually.

They Kept Lovin’, a poem

I always say I don’t have a lot of love/erotic poems, which is true.  But when I do write it…

you got me – I be possum
belly down and ass up
fire on back and tenor sax between toes
ignite chi      ka      ba

Passion Reminder


This quote came to me because EVERYBODY is an inspirational/motivational speaker these days.  In my opinion, it is so exasperated with messages that the basics have been toppled over in attempts of people stating problems to their audience for profit seeking.

I thought this was simple and to the point.  Have a great day!

We are We

“Every person you meet is either a teacher or a mirror.”

woman in the mirror

Beyond space and time, the stories that we participate in are influenced by karma and experience. When I say stories we participate in I am talking about the day to day emotions and words that drive our behaviors. These stories are not new. How we will internalize them today is the only thing that is new! What if we began with who introduces us to the stories? How can you react differently today? How can you show empathy towards a passionate person or sympathy towards a negative person? Today, decide if every person you meet will be a teacher to influence a different karma tomorrow or if they will be a mirror to garner you with strength.

speak on love,
nikki skies

just cause it’s Nikki Giovanni


be the Sun in Your fall


Without knowing, there are so many people addicted to being inspired.  They must be surrounded with quotes, groups, t-shirts and inspirational videos and music.  In no time, they are wrapped up in the sensationalism of being inspired.  Unconsciously seeking outside of themselves for something greater. I find something dead about that.

I implore you to seek your own Sun today! Obey the rhythm of your heartbeat!  Live your passion! YOU are the inspiration.

When We Arrived asks Jolivette “The Poet Warrior” about Iconic Poet Sonia Sanchez

sonia sanchez

Share your perspective on Sonia’s contribution to the feminine narrative.

In her poem titled Song #2 she writes:

“Don’t let them kill you with their stare
Don’t let them closet you with no air
Don’t let them feed you sex piecemeal
Don’t let them offer you any old deal.”

That’s therapy. That’s a major contribution.

What do you think has been Sonia’s recipe for a writing career spanning over 40 years?

Mother Sonia stays true to her people. She is honest about us and with us. She is most importantly honest with herself. She put her life into her work so we would see what could happen in our own lives.

She is a deep, critical thinker and she thinks deeply about humanity. Her voice carries the memory of Father Malcolm and so many other ancestors.

She speaks words and sounds to drown out the sounds of oppression.

With your interaction with Sanchez, what are two things we wouldn’t know about her? (fun facts if you may) Continue reading When We Arrived asks Jolivette “The Poet Warrior” about Iconic Poet Sonia Sanchez