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Highlights from She Chronicles 2015 now available on Issuu

Enjoy reading some of the highlights from She Chronicles 2015. Mark your calendars to submit for the March 2016 collection by February 13th!

Check this out:


going through my things

The more I actualize myself the more comfortable I become with looking at everyday me in the mirror,

the spots in the corners of my eyes

the ends of my mouth are starting to curl down

the relaxed skin on my hands and arms

and I undoubtedly know there is no safe place for me to hide from myself

the pockets are too snug against my spreaded thighs

and this well read mind and worldly tongue

will always offend whispers and stares

one day people will look through my things for memories and traces of who I am.  tell them to spread everything on the lawn with nature and it’s all.



When We Arrived asks Jolivette “The Poet Warrior” about Iconic Poet Sonia Sanchez

sonia sanchez

Share your perspective on Sonia’s contribution to the feminine narrative.

In her poem titled Song #2 she writes:

“Don’t let them kill you with their stare
Don’t let them closet you with no air
Don’t let them feed you sex piecemeal
Don’t let them offer you any old deal.”

That’s therapy. That’s a major contribution.

What do you think has been Sonia’s recipe for a writing career spanning over 40 years?

Mother Sonia stays true to her people. She is honest about us and with us. She is most importantly honest with herself. She put her life into her work so we would see what could happen in our own lives.

She is a deep, critical thinker and she thinks deeply about humanity. Her voice carries the memory of Father Malcolm and so many other ancestors.

She speaks words and sounds to drown out the sounds of oppression.

With your interaction with Sanchez, what are two things we wouldn’t know about her? (fun facts if you may) Continue reading When We Arrived asks Jolivette “The Poet Warrior” about Iconic Poet Sonia Sanchez