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Her Side

She say for her family
she do what she can
when in reality it be for her
man / who wants a mother like her son

so she wipe both they asses and then her tears cause it be from the same shit

Too tired more/more tired than her mother who taught her how to stay
who lived and died the same way
the palm reader etched on her palm
now that she know/she can remain calm
when he come to bed smelling like fuck nut
and dried saliva.

He’ll say it’s all in her head
so she have nightmares of
forever being a fool.

from the book,


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RELEASE DATE! Today for Grace in Retail

Today is the official release date for the first part of my comedic ebook series, Grace in Retail.  Enjoy a snippet of the book here:

“Today started like any other day.  My usual routine of sitting in the parking lot of my job praying that God moves my feet to go inside.  Another day another dollar, right?  Well actually not today.  Today is the day I find out if whether or not I will get the bonus check I so well deserve.  And I say deserve because I was tricked into taking this damn job!  I was told it was easy to move up in this company so I took a serious pay cut in hopes of moving to district level within six months.  But once I got in, I saw it was store managers that had been with the company so damn long they were part dinosaur!  I messed up… that’s all I can say, I messed up big time coming to Deal World.

It’s the end of 4th quarter, and I’ve survived another crazy, hectic holiday in retail.  I outperformed my colleagues in overall sales, comp sales and conversion.  I’ve been a store manager with this company for nine months so I’m the newbie coming in winning product prize incentives and scoring above company average on various store business audits.  My performance definitely sent a message to everyone that even though I am new to this company, I am not new to retail.  I’ve been in retail management for over eight years so I know what I’m doing here.  The number rule to this retail game is building a strong team.  A team that trusts you as their leader and is committed to perform as they see you demonstrate.  That is exactly what I’ve been able to do in the short time I’ve been here.  But if I don’t get that bonus they will see a different me today. I deserve this bonus.  I need this bonus to add to the financial cushion I’ll need when I resign from this place.  You know, have a little extra money in the savings to take my time with finding another job.  I better get this bonus. Continue reading RELEASE DATE! Today for Grace in Retail

A sneak preview of: Grace in Retail-The Bonus

While living in Los Angeles pursuing my dreams of acting/writing, I took on several jobs to support myself during the interim of creative gigs.  One of those employment paths was working as a manager in retail.  As a matter of fact, if all added up I worked in retail management for over 13 years collecting tons of stories to tell.

I established great experiences that grew me as a professional and person.  I met some great people who are still friends throughout the years and only because of them I was able to stay sane and continue with my creative dreams.  Most importantly for me, the experiences were people and the people created stories!  I finally decided to sit down and compose a comedic ebook series to share some of those stories.  The series is entitled : Grace in Retail.


With the holiday season coming, the most exciting and strenuous for retail, I decided to separate the books into four sections.  They are: (I.) The Bonus (II.) The Regional Visit   (III.) Black Friday and (IV.) 12 Days of Christmas.

The Bonus:

Grace has just survived another brutal holiday season working as a store manager in retail.  With the company announcing corporate and regional re-alignment due to budget constraints, Grace has growing anxiety if whether or not she and her team will get rewarded the sales bonus they worked so hard for.  Already having experienced the company not following through on promises, Grace has prepared to take on the motto, “no bonus, no customer service” on what could be her last day of work with the company.”

I hope you enjoy!