where have you been?

Well… hello to you too! I know, I know… it’s been quite awhile since I have been consistent with this writing the blog thing. I mean, we have been through a pandemic and everything! But if you’re reading this… YOU SURVIVED! Maybe barely like me but we’re here.

And I am still writing. I am still creative. and if you remember last I informed you all I went back in for my PhD in Performance Studies. That is what is consuming my life. But unlike my MA experience, I must stay creative during this process.

It’s summer so I have a lil bit of time on my hands… what have you been up to?

5 thoughts on “where have you been?”

  1. So wonderful to see you, Nikki Skies!!! I was wondering how you’re doing. Since I last saw you, I’ve been writing poems. Nine have been published since 2020. You’re still one of my biggest inspirations. baltimoreblackwoman.com

  2. Hello Beautiful! It is always a wonderful occasion when I open my email (after mostly ignoring it for a while) to find your words. Also, Happy Belated BDAY! Indeed, we survived. I know you are persevering through your Ph.D program and your writing practice. Stay the course. Continue inspiring others through your dedication. Continue showing up! 🤗

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