She Chronicles presents: MLuv

The Struggle

Woman, the struggle is real.

And you know it by the way you feel

Alone, bruised, beaten and battered,

Slapped around by life till your soul is tattered

Riddled with sores inside that don’t heal

Unless it’s with tears

Copious tears that cascade and don’t fade

Until you get still and feel we’re here

Know that

I’m the same as you

Sisters in mind

From Israel’s streets to Russia’s peaks

Love speaks

Listen to our voices

Truth be told we were molded from the same earth

A secret

Under cover of night till daybreak

Mixed and shaped

Held together with Euphrates and Tigress

Ancient moisture

He made a clay

Sprinkled some with cinnamon dust

Some with ground cocoa

Others with vanilla bean

But it’s us

Different, but yet the same

And I stand with you

Outstretched hands

   Waiting to move with you

I Am You

But you knew that.



MLUV (pronounced Em Love)is a Radio Personality, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Event Host and Poet. She is the Host of her own weekly online Talk Radio Program/Podcast on the IBNXRadio.COM Network called “LiveLifeInThePURPLE with MLUV.”  Committed to spreading positive vibes and encouraging all who tune in. “The Purple” is a poetic way of communicating the message that life is better when our thoughts, motivation and intentions are rooted in positive thinking. Inspired by research on the colors in the rainbow that revealed that of all the millions of colors in the rainbow, the ones that had the highest measured frequency were the violet spectrum, of which purple is a part. Hence, Live Life in The PURPLE. MLUV uses her show as a platform to give support to Entrepreneurs, Musical Artists and is a voice in the Mental Health Community. She aligns with people in the community who are serving those who suffer and interviews and promotes those who are sharing their light and love.  She is a Social Activist and actively supports Local charitable efforts aimed at protecting Women and Children as well as Sexual Abuse, Human Sex Trafficking and Suicide Prevention and Homelessness and Recovery.

Current Projects- CEO and Founder of Purple Door Creations, LLC and troupe member. Her first book of Poetry entitled “Thoughts From A PURPLE MIND”, The Poetry Of MLUV is in production.

Her debut CD is out on Bandcamp and available for digital download. Search for “MLUV” or “Sounds From A PURPLE Mind”.


Join the Purple Movement and listen to LiveLifeInThePURPLE with MLuV on


iHeartRadio- Live Life In The Purple

FB: MluvWall

IG:MluvWall & livelifeinthepurple

Twitter: llitp

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