She Chronicles presents, “A Woman of Class, Race, and Color” by DragonPoetikFly

She wrote about it.
I decided to read it.
I talked about it, and wanted to be it too.
Being about it is our business.
The issue of our revolution states:
“Women of all superiority, not inferiorities embrace the authority. For all your worth and
wealth to be like common; to be a race class of glorified gender. Free yet splendid, and
not yet worldly desired. Thinker and strong willed back breaking baby baring queens.
Raise your fist like this!
Put them in the air like this!
Be proud like this!
Civilized nature isn’t bliss, we have no colors of suffrage.”
Am I not a woman?
Unleash the femininity of your womanhood.
Put the power on them!
You are naturally nurturing our future into progression,
not with standing oppression.
This is my confession, and all I want to shout out is
“Power to The People!”
Stick my pick in my afro with the fist erect,
and know better days and ways are here.
Yes I patiently await its coming.
We are just now recognizing we are free.
But we still think, feel, and behave like slaved women.
We are scholars, felons, activist, writers, philosophers, and many uncrowned
accomplishments in one.
A hero this woman is,
and an personification of the struggle of women.
She embraces her community and its families.
We are fighting against aggressive relations.
Lady love embrace our nation.
I love you Angela Y. Davis a woman of race, class, and color

Inspired By: Angela Y. Davis 1981 Novel “Women, Race and Class”
DragonPoetikFly Publishing Ink.© ™2018



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3 thoughts on “She Chronicles presents, “A Woman of Class, Race, and Color” by DragonPoetikFly”

  1. Hello Nikki, I love your blog site, and what the women who are sharing stand for.. Being that I am a man, can I still give you a poem to post? I have one I’ve titled “I AM” that I want to share alongside of Ms. Sandra Rivers-Gill’s, “I Am”.
    Thank you for inspiring, I will remain a loyal observer, and commentator..
    Maurice Tyree
    Living Waters/iamuntamedlife)

    1. Hi, I am so glad you have enjoyed She Chronicles 2018. This is an annual honoring I do for the feminine narrative every March. Submissions are closed as today is the last day of the month. The submissions are not just from women, so I’m glad you asked. The only requirement for She Chronicles is the material is for/about the feminine narrative. If this blog is still on your radar early next year, please submit!

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