She Chronicles presents “She Is Spirit, She Is Truth” by a Wise Woman

When a Phoenix rises from the ashes

She does not rise alone

She carries in Her wings

seedlings weighted in light not shone


She cradles them upon Her breasts

nurturing them with life-giving breath

She casts down the lies of oppression

they have been taught to believe is their destiny


Instead builds them up in Truth

to know they are to be

so much more than

just a dead epiphany


She strengthens their wings to soar

beyond the world’s interpretation

of who they should be…

imprisoned instead of free


She is mighty, She is fierce

Her wings an impenetrable fortress

protecting Her young from

the deadly arrows that pierce


She will fight and give Her life

She will weep the aches and bleed

the pain that is not Her own

for the seeds of Her womb


Yes, the Phoenix is a Mother

birthing spirits that fly beyond

to lead others out of their blindness

that only sees skin color, poverty, hopelessness


For you see, the Phoenix is not myth or legend

and cannot be seen by the eye of mankind

She is Spirit, She is Truth dwelling in empyrean heights

but upon this earth She is seen, and She is known

by another name…              




Click the link for more works by A Wise Woman’s Journey

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