Allegiance, a poem for “Rebel”


like rusted barbwire
nothing gets past me
over me

Never Bow
nothing can get through to me
but your mixtures of smiles and advice
and now, that can only touch me through rain / Mama I miss you

my doubt outruns ruined panty hose
going back and forth like a father to work / a mother to prayer

Write a song for yourself
one that can march
when your walk is crooked
and your back is misguided

A song of allegiance
that can speak
when your twisted tongue is to capacity with
blues and sours and thorns

A song that pledges allegiance
to bodies that abandon couches and beds
but comfort the concrete slabs of
Oakland / Ferguson / Baltimore / New York

Blow the horn
Live to tell



To soldiers who can’t stop fighting
cause after the tour it’s the
mistrust and broken hearts and
invisible fathers with brown companions that go down
with rhythm and blues

Allegiance to badges
Protect and serve
Protect and serve
Protect and serve

Cause everyone deserves
quiet skies / sunny cookouts
water to travel
fire to see
even Me / brown He / missing She

Hands up
Lives down
Mother pray
Never bow
Father cry
Blow the horn
Live to tell
I pledge allegiance to

Nikki Skies for “Rebel” on BET




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