SHE CHRONICLES: “But – I Fly” by Evelyn T. Keener

I went to Callaway Gardens and visited the Butterfly Garden. It was so amazing, peaceful, delightful and breathtaking. I found myself mesmerized by this one butterfly, so much that I followed her around the garden at least three times, before she settled down and allowed me to get a closer look at her. There was something about the color of her wings, they were a bright royal blue and stood out from all the other butterflies. I was immersed in her beauty. I found myself going on her journey, because I was taken in by her beauty and her flight – it seemed as if she was on a mission. It was like she was handling business – had something important to do. This butterfly didn’t have time to sit around- she had plans, purpose, goals, and if I wanted to be a part of it, I needed to follow her.

Ladies, this is how our lives should also unfold. We need to be immersed in our purpose and allow our beauty to shine from within.  It is then that our purpose grows, people see our determination, our vision and they want to be a part of it – to hook their wagons to ours. They begin to talk to us about it, follow us to and from our destinations, they want to get closer to us so that they can truly soak it all in. They want to be able to say “But – I Fly”. They want to release themselves from the cocoon and fly into their destiny, because they were inspired in and through us.

Why crawl when you can walk. Why walk when you can run. Why run when you can fly. When they tell you “You can’t do it.”- tell them “But-I-Fly.  Tell them “But-I-Fly on the wings of expectancy, and I expect that my dreams will come true; because I believe in the dreams and goals He (God) promised me.” You will then see how they begin to watch you fly, how your positive energy draws them in. How you will have a positive effect on others and propel them into their destiny, because you said “But – I –Fly”, and then you demonstrated to them a life lived in purpose and on purpose.

Your wings are so beautiful they draw other into your world. Once in your world they see your tenacity, determination and drive. You give off energy that empowers and them to fly, to sail, to soar and to be what God called them to be simply, because when they said “You could not”; you responded by saying “But – I Fly” and you took a leap of faith, spread your wings and entered your destiny and your purpose.

“Write you story on the backs of Caterpillars, Live your story on the wings of a Butterfly. Sail across the oceans, set your purpose in motion. Give birth to your worth. Fly Butterfly fly!


Evelyn T. Keener, is a captivating Poet, Author, Speaker, Actress, Host of Poetry & Conversation soul Sessions and a double Cancer survivor who is passionate about encouraging and serving others in every way possible. Evelyn is energized every time she is able to share her testimony of triumph in written form whether it is a professional speech, poem or a book. She gets her energy and motivation from her story – believing that her history is her ministry and purpose from God.

Determined to share her message of inner beauty and self worth to the world as well sharing her testimony of finding self, love, true joy, peace and happiness, and the love of God through her words of inspiration, triumph and endurance. Evelyn’s believes that “You don’t have to look beautiful to be beautiful” and she tries to pore that into all that she comes in contact with. Evelyn truly understands that you have to love yourself before you can love someone else and she believe it so much that she launched her company LIVE BELIEVE DREAM which is a human development company, and poured her journey to loving herself again into her first book in the LIVE BELIEVE DREAM book series “Love Yourself Along the Way” and it’s sister book “ “Awaken the Butterfly” which has sold over 1,000 copies to date.

Evelyn’s first love is poetry and for some people, some things are second nature NS for Evelyn T. Keener, poetry is a natural. She is known for creating and presenting poetic messages that inspire and Evelyn is one of the best in the business and has performed for Ambassador Andrew Young, Elizabeth Omilani of Hosea Feed the Hungry, The Late Evelyn G. Lowery, Hank Stewart Love Jones Sundays, American Cancer Society and performed a moving tribute of Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Women” on AIB TV, performed live taping of both seasons of Hank Stewart’s “It Factor”, and recently acted in the stage play “Pretty Hurts” and has done over 10 radio and TV interviews and special performances.

Evelyn released her EP in 2014 appropriately titled “Broken to Beautiful which included her signature poem “My Beautiful” and is currently in the studio working on her new album “But – I- Fly”. Always staying busy Evelyn is also working on the second edition of her Live Believe Dream Book Series as well as the third book in the series “Release the Butterfly, reading for new and upcoming paly. Evelyn is also the host of her own poetry show “ Poetry & Conversation Soul Sessions which gives light t the person behind the poet and is going four years strong with talks of turning it into a live TV show in January 2016.

Evelyn’s motto is “If God brought you to it, Depend on him and he will bring you through it and when she needs to encourage herself she leans on her favorite scripture Jeremiah 29:11“ For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord,” plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

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