Thus she was found:
scraping salt from her cheeks
with an open blade
working towards the
open throat looking on
with reckoning, bloodshot eyes.

Such, such intention
she was (able to) made to harness

By whom? … you may well ask

She was made to harness such
step by step up
a tall mountain
one foot exactly
in front of the other …

you haven’t said thank you … She froze.

from deep
the shriek was fetched,
strident rising outrage
screaming cadence.

Crashing up through
slabs of concrete silence
sustained sound relentless
growing roaring, howling;
the very earth, appalled,
doubted its foundation.

The bear by now awoken
bristled, bellowed its outrage;
a crescendo,
the very air felt threatened
of being rent.

the woman at its throat – the bear …

have mercy …

the mountain shook
her soul who heard
the call and rose, persisting through its
rise abating softly, softly rising
insistent, illuming,
until she heard,
and let it go.

SP Petru

My writing career started when I started blogging, now some six years ago. Some of my work has been published online by Ink in Thirds, Praxis and in an e-book by Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. Dverse Poets recently con&rmed two of my poems will be included in an anthology due to be published in the near future. – Petru Viljoen

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