SHE CHRONICLES: “Being a Woman”, a poem by Lady Vee DaPoet

I can make cars slow down and eyes glance out of side windows.
I can make a man’s mind wonder the contents of my thoughts.
I can make you want to kiss my hand and not even have a reason.
I am woman, the object of your desire.

I can make 12 tasks mold into one without breaking a sweat.
I can manage and supervise a group of people without them feeling inferior.I may not change the entire world but my world is organized, stylish and complete.
I am woman, the master of my success.

I can understand anyone through the content of my emotions.I can quickly tell a liar from the flicker of sarcasm in the eyes.
I can see right through a fake smile or a kiss with no feeling.
I am woman, my heart is more valued than gold.

I can be royalty to the man I’ve chosen to be my king.
I can be everything to those who are worth my time.
I am always aware of the infinite power of my femininity.
It is up to you to take notice and give the ultimate respect.

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