SHE CHRONICLES, and so we begin

She Chronicles celebrates the feminine narrative through showcasing Her unique vernacular in literary contributions.  “Women writing about other women responsibly.”

People think this is not a big message, women writing responsibly about other women.  If so, the majority of female stage, screen and television actors would not be placed in story lines primarily due to their relation with children and/or their husbands/boyfriends.  We would have more stories that detail a developed protagonist and her achievements.   There are TONS of stories that have a lead male who has a mission/goal that he goes after ambitiously and then at night returns home to his wife and children or his girlfriend.  This is the massive norm.  The feminine narrative has been bent into shapes over so many years that it is literally unrecognizable.  Her voice sits so politely on the couch or hangs so nicely creased in the closet it appears comfortable and satisfied.  It is not.


She Chronicles is in support of the feminine narrative being holistically expressed.  It is meant to encourage and bring about awareness.  Awareness?  You mean all women wouldn’t see this?  NO.  As few back as two years ago, I had a playwright tell me that most of the time, women only talk about children and men.  I’m not sure if she said that for the sake of debating me or if she had been trained to fold herself into adjectives and tell stories that are norm or make people comfortable.  I remember telling her the last time I hung out with girlfriends we shared funny stories on gym etiquette, how the Dr told one she was low on magnesium so we discussed what that was, the summer sale at Nordstrom, the challenge one is having of going back to school to further her education and more.  About 2% of that time was spent on discussing our relationships or children.  We did speak of them, but it did not dominate.  So yea, awareness too.

Over the month of April I will post various stories, poems, videos and quotes that focus on the feminine narrative.  These are submissions from writers, educators and mothers. No where in the submission requirements did I mention one had to be a woman to participate so I received NO male contributors.  The requirement was the material had to be for/about women.  But maybe next time.

Here we go!  Visit this blog daily and enjoy SHE CHRONICLES 2017!



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