a prose: lamentation

It’s cleansing – the way the rain falls
Dampens and thickens clothes to my soul
now, I can cover myself like others

But / my twisted tongue prays
and the valley crumbles boulders on my shoulders
That only a man should carry.
then he despise me for not wearing skirts
Uphold other women for their softness and high heels
as I scratch the skin off my feet
for following his wide path and narrow view
That even he abandoned when he realized
it was a crooked way.

maybe he didn’t hear my cries of SOS
Or maybe he just wouldn’t admit
He couldn’t swim.


14 thoughts on “a prose: lamentation”

    1. There are tons of amazing men out there! I’ve met them, I know them. And I’ve kissed a few toads :-\ and it all makes life worth living and writing about 🙂 I appreciate you! Have a good one!

  1. “Or maybe he just wouldn’t admit
    He couldn’t swim.”

    Hmmmm . . .definitely could be this Nikki; we men do seem to have male pattern hearing loss. 🙂

  2. All hail the Queen smh! Ma’am I shall take a seat and learn my place ok?! Lol!! L O V E your voice!!

    Muuuuuch respect!


      1. Yes there’s enough room on Daddy’s lap for all and I MUST also give honor to whom honor is due Queen! I love & respect your weight!!



  3. Beautiful. Good men know and honor good women. They value their strength as well as their softness, their vulnerability and their intellect, because they also know their own worth.

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