An Analytical Critique

Please enjoy the analytical critique from a student playwright on my play, Hope’s Return.

Hope’s Return is very relevant to the society we live in today. This play discusses several “back seated” issues faced by a different generation today such as: mental disease, funding higher education, realities of war and our government, depression and even suicide that threatens our younger generation. Although fictional characters were used to create this play, the topics heavily relate to the reality of society in the 21st century.

The characters face harsh realities but eventually trail by the end. Hope, the lead character, is similar to many people in my generation. They try to survive in the work force by different means. Many times we are not prepared mentally for the harshness of how inside management works. This is particularly true for women who find themselves lost in male dominated fields. Vergie represents many mother figures who hope the best for their children. However, being pre occupied with tending to other’s needs can leave your own home in shambles. Sometimes your ears are so deaf and eyes so blind you cannot sense the disarray. El is an excellent example of a true provider and backbone for his family during economically hard times. He may not have been the most tender when it came to Lewis’, his son, poor behavior, but particularly gentle yet stern as his role of father and husband. Lastly, Lewis can fit the description of most young adults who’ve lost their way. Most are always ambitious but not able to get a foot planted in the ground to be successful without their parent’s aid. It seems as if Lewis is always judged by his family based on his past failures instead of his current attempts of success.


Hope’s Return is a great fit for our community with the increasing numbness to mental disease, violence, depression, etc. This can shed light on how important it is to be aware of your environment and how it’s affecting you. Not being afraid to get professional help. Parents shouldn’t push warning signs under the rug or choose medication with no therapy. In addition, before young adults make life altering career choices, they need to be fully informed with knowledge about the careers and what responsibility they come with. Physical and emotional.
Moreover, in Hope’s Return the author does do a good job of keeping the plot moving. The beginning and middle were suspenseful. The end was jam packed with action filled climaxes.  It was an enjoyable read that stirred much awareness to many downplayed subjects that continue to plague not only our society but our world as a whole.” – Theatre Student at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, October 2015

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