when poems and dreams become prayers

Crisp Atlanta autumn morning, woke up to an email that said kindle pre-orders for my new collection of poetry/prose, “yardwork”, had been delivered to 78 people. So grateful… thankful.

I no longer buy the saying, “I do art for me.” I recognize that as a ploy to stop the artist from communicating with an audience. It stops the artist from being held accountable and responsible. And we do have a responsibility.

What do I advise? Start your literature business BEFORE your book comes out. READ and STUDY because this isn’t new. Know the natural narrative that comes to you. Who is your audience? If you say “all God’s children”… you should consider work in the ministry, seriously. Your art isn’t for everybody and the sooner you understand this, the sooner you’ll sleep  at night.

Grateful for those that I do reach and who support my work. I don’t do this for me, you’ve never seen me compete for this, you’ve never found me in a clique or a team, I don’t do this for attention.

This is for us to be re-membered tomorrow.


paperback and Kindle available 

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