you know me as a Poet…

I mainly use this blog for my poetry.  Every so often I use it for blogs about family, etc but mainly I express my art that is poetry here.  I have been, and will return, to a huge poetic presence for my blog during the creation of She Chronicles (March) and When We Arrived (April).

I am a full time artist so I have to write, perform, submit for festivals, sell books, facilitate workshops, speak on literacy, etc.  I have tried other jobs and honestly… I didn’t give my all.  I didn’t commit nor did I care as much as I do when I am creating art.  So forgive me for not being as present as I have been in the past… I’ve been writing!

As you know, I wrote a novel that is doing AMAZING!  I have book signings lined up for it.  I wrote a play that was 1 of 40 chosen from a selection of 332.  It will be produced November of this year which now gives me the title of Professional Playwright.  And now I have compiled a book of poetry and prose entitled, “yardwork” that is available now in paperback and available for pre-order on Kindle.  “yardwork” is  a compilation of writings from mid 2009 to now.  And I hope you will grab a copy and enjoy 🙂


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